Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back To School

I get it. I get why teachers teach.

I spoke to a broadcast journalism class at Illinois State on Tuesday night. My former co-worker Maria Henneberry is the instructor and she was gracious enough to have me in to speak to her class and I had a blast.

The title of my talk was: "Making a bucket of Avanti's spaghetti last for a week: getting and surviving your first job in television news."

I covered everything thing from building a really strong resume tape, to the 30 second rule regarding those tapes... to networking and road trips to get jobs. I shared the honest truth about hiring in TV... about race and gender and looks... thoughts that may have sounded a bit jaded or not-PC... but things that I wish people had shared with me when I was a senior.

Hopefully I gave them a taste for all the good and bad that they might go through in the next six months. I got some really good feedback from some of them afterwards, but in the end, I think I was the one who got something out of it. On my way home I was flooded with memories of that time in life... and called two of my best friends to reminisce.

Maybe what I said was just blah, blah for some... I got the feeling that most of them took it to heart. I really hope they took something out of it... even just an awareness of how prepared they need to be come May. I may post more detail about this when I'm less exhausted... but you get the idea.

Congrats Fischers

A belated congratulations to Gina and Bill on the birth of baby number three... Vanessa Claire on March 15th. I'm sure Noah and Kylie are thrilled.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Will YouNewsTV Play In Peoria?

Hat tip to Bill Dennis for this.

WEEK's parent company, Granite Broadcasting, will be "inviting 'citizen journalists' to produce anything from online news footage to complete reports. The coverage could find its way onto local news broadcasts as well." This according to an article in Broadcasting and Cable.

Specific stations haven't been decided, so we don't know if WEEK will be one of them. I think the value (whether it's here or not) will be mostly for breaking news. Outside of that it feels like something that would be pretty suspect without solid guidelines and enforcement of those guidelines.