Saturday, July 02, 2005

Anchoring For Dummies - Using Scripts

In January I posted about how scripts aren't props. This is just a little bit more on that thought.

I used to like reading from my scripts when I wasn't on camera. That's because reading from teleprompter isn't natural for anyone. Obviously, people should get better with time, but the fact is the words are lit up and moving... and depending on how your studio lights are set up, sometimes there is a glare.

But if you read from your script, it's just like reading a book out loud. The words aren't moving. Not only that, if you have time and can check the video that's right before the soundbite (for those that don't do two tape vo/sots) so you can time out your read a little better. Knowing what that last piece of video is and how long it is will allow you to speed up or stretch as needed.

My scripts used to look ridiculous... big line separating the on camera from the VO... when available a highlighter marking the first sentence so if I stayed with prompter for the first sentence of VO, I had a distinct mark for where to pick it up. There are probably some shrinks out there who could analyze the paranoia of my previous life.

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