Monday, November 29, 2004

TV News For Dummies - An Introduction

I still watch the news, but now I'm a viewer. A viewer with a decade of TV experience, but officially just a viewer. From time to time, I see and hear things that I find kind of annoying. But I also realize by the nature of the business, there are people in TV who don't want their work critiqued. It's an ego thing. But to be fair, you need to have an ego to put yourself on the line night in and night out. Still, some people feel like because something made it on the air means it must be good. That couldn't be further from the truth. I was far from perfect when I worked in TV, but I take pride in the fact that, I was constantly pushing myself: going through tape, picking it apart... sitting down with people back home and in other larger markets and having them give me feedback... and watching newscasts from as many other places as I had time for. I get the sense that some (not all) of the people I'm watching don't really even care to improve their delivery. So the "TV news for dummies posts" will be my "lessons learned"... with the hope being that current newsies will read those posts, recognize some of the things I'm addressing and work towards changing... that is if you agree with what has been written.

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