Sunday, January 23, 2005

Where Are They Now - WHOI

Here's part three of "Where Are They Now." Part one was on former WMBDers with part two covering former WEEKers. For all three lists, I've started with on camera people who were here during my two stints. I know there are many others before my time.

This is a list of people who were at WHOI while I was at WMBD/WEEK and in between (I'm sure there are others I'm just overlooking or were here while I was in Monterey). Many I got to know socially... others I never met, just saw them like any other viewer. This list is in no way exhaustive, as I have not yet included those who are shooters, producers, managers or directors. If you know can add to this list or the others please do so.

Ivra Bassett - Silverback Marketing - updated 1/26
Staci Bivens - last seen at KSN (Wichita, KS) - updated 1/26
Todd Blackinton - KPVI (Pocatello, ID) - updated 2/6
Josh Brogadir - WNEP (Scranton, PA) - updated 1/27
Kim Carollo - ???
Blake Chenault - WOIO (Cleveland, OH) - updated 1/26
Tracie Collier - Tracie Wells & Co. - updated 1/26
Brendan Conway - WISN (Milwaukee, WI)
Mike Costa - last seen in Toledo, OH
Dale Deskis - ???
Jessica D’Onofrio - WKMG (Orlando, FL)
Lourdes Duarte - WGN (Chicago, IL) - updated 1/26
Aimee Fuller - Cornerstone Jewelry Designs - updated 1/26
Jessica Gellady - Pediatric Nurse, (Jacksonville FL) - updated 1/26
Doug Higgins - WLUK (Green Bay, WI)
Mark Joseph - KTVQ (Billings, Montana)
Michael Kelting – KRON (San Francisco, CA) - updated 1/26
Jason Koma - WOUB (Athens, OH) - updated 1/26
Monica Landeros - WLUK (Green Bay, WI) - updated 1/26
Claudia Lane - ???
Jamie LaReau - Automotive News - updated 1/26
Lisa Manna – WTMJ (Milwaukee, WI) - updated 1/26
Karen May - WTKR (Richmond, VA) - updated 1/26
Jake Miller – WITI (Milwaukee,WI) - updated 1/2/09
Steve Nicoles KCRG (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Jennifer Nittoso -The Weather Channel (Atlanta, GA)
Reed O’Brien - left for Decatur, then a market in the south
Donna Pitman - KMBC (Kansas City, MO)
Tracey Peterson - Artista Records (New York, NY)
Christine Roher -
Eric Runge - WOAI (San Antonio, TX) - updated 1/26
Jill Ryan - ???
David Scott - WDRB (Louisville, KY) - updated 1/26
Tim Seymour - KGAN (Cedar Rapids, IA) - updated 1/26
Linda Skulsky - Columbus, OH - updated 1/26
Kristine Soledner - last seen at WZTV in Nashville, TN - updated 1/26
Rebecca Somach - Sacramento, CA
Jen Speiser Koma - Simon Kenton Council, Boy Scouts of America - updated 1/26
Kari Stewart –last seen at KARE in Minneapolis, MN - updated 1/26
Nancy Thiel -Reno Gazette Journal (Reno, NV) - updated 1/26
Frank Vascellaro - WCCO (Minneapolis, MN) - updated 1/26
Marjorie Vincent - law school in Jacksonville, FL - updated 1/26
Jerry Warfield – Caterpillar (Peoria, IL)
Jill Wunrow - last seen at WGBA (Green Bay, WI) - updated 1/27


Anonymous said...





Edgar said...

Thanks... I had Donna on there, I don't know what happened. I forgot about Jen and she even played soccer with us. Brain fart.

Anonymous said...

Tracey Peterson is with Artista Records in NY, NY.

Edgar said...

Thanks for the update... keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout a "Where Are They Now" for WYZZ-TV (pre-shared ownership). There were lots of creative and intersting people there in the early days of FOX Broadcasting--and a few on air folks including me ;), the creator and first host of the FOX 43 Kids Club....

Anonymous said...

Paul Zacovic - used to be sports anchr at 19 now local business owner of Island Blend coffe house in Peoria.

John Fougere - used to be sports anchor at 19 now works as spokesman for department of corrections in Columbia, Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Bob Arya was a reporter at 19 - is now at CLTV, Chicago.

Jeff Nau said...

Dina Bair is now at WGN-TV

Anonymous said...

Theres more on three former P-towners in the Sun Times.

Linda S. said...

What a great website! I worked at HOI briefly 5 years ago. Lots of names ringin' a's nice to see so many people doing well. Had some good times in the "Heart of Illinois" w/ my pal Donna Pitman!

Anonymous said...

Hi Edgar! I just stumbled upon this - looking up news from Peoria! What a great site. I'm still in Kansas City, anchoring weekend mornings and reporting 3 days a week. A small world: Dan Vogt's wife, Emily, works here. They have only great things to say about you! You have beautiful children. I think #1 was in the oven around the time I left. Hello to Shannon. Best, Donna

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Mitch and Emmy?

Anonymous said...

What about former morning show host Jill Ryan? I knew that she got married, but is she out of television?

Edgar said...

Good question... any current or former HOIers know?

raralee said...

ALICE HOUT? worked with rusty dunn lee ranson jim matson

Edgar said...

Alice eventually moved to WMBD as a producer, then to WTMJ in Milwaukee as a producer. Can't remember where after that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Edgar...

Did you hear about Jason Koma's new job? He's heading back to his roots in Ohio, and has taken a position on staff with Ohio University. He's leaving town sometime in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

When Jill Ryan left HOI a few years back, she went to do some anchoring/reporting at a small station on the Illinois/Indiana border (can't remember town) but wasn't there very long. I think she might be out of the business now or just behind the scenes, but not sure. I'll do some digging.

Anonymous said...

Dale Deskis, the weekend weather man on HOI several years ago, has gotten out of TV and is now working in a tool and die shop in St. Louis.

Mike Brown said...

I was only a little intern from Northwestern in '97... amongst all you big fish, but loved the weirdness of HOI. After a stint in Columbus TV, I am now working as Communications Director for Mayor of Columbus Ohio.

Also wanted to give a shout out to the memory of Brad, who passed away back in '97, but was a little guy with big heart.

Kelli Gaza is also here in Columbus, working as marketing director of COSI our science museum... now married as a "Nowinsky"

Heard Sprugel is an agent somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Amanda Wozniak for finally deciding to leave HOI! Good luck with everything!

skelso said...

Alice Hout left Milwaukee and produced the 6:00 pm for WOOD TV in Grand Rapids Michigan. She has now left and is working for planned parenthood in Grand Rapids.

Steve Kelso, former Chief Photog at HOI now Assignment Editor WOOD TV, his spouse Christine ( Hattendorf) Kelso now EP WOOD TV

Thanks Edgar for keeping this list. Any former P Town Newsdorks feel free to e-mail me at

Jesse said...

After five years in New York City, Jamie LaReau is now a reporter in Detroit for Automotive News covering General Motors. She's broken many big stories and been quoated in the Wall Street Journal. I know, because I am here. :-)

Hilary said...

I appear to be many years behind on this, but I worked at HOI in 1992. Enjoyed working with Alice Hout, Rusty Dunn, Dawn Tongas, Dina Bair, and a few of the photogs. Few of whom would likely remember me, as I was there so briefly. Worked in print journalism for a few years following my stint at HOI, and then as in communications at a large business services company, where I've been for the past 15 years. Married with a little boy, living in the northern Chicago suburbs. My husband refuses to watch the news with me, because I have to critique every piece of b-roll, every pack, and chomp at the bit to catch smurf-vid and jump cuts. Apparently, he just wants to watch the news. Oh well.

Hodag said...

I too stumbled into your blog. I worked at WHOI in the early 80's in master control. I am looking to see what happen to the news people and production folks of this time. 1982 to 1984.

Hilary said...

As I've re-stumbled upon this here three years after my first post, I am here in Normal for the night. First thing I did was turn on the news and watched all three networks flipping like a mad woman. It is same as it ever was. Production values are, um, really low. But I enjoyed every minute of catching anchors that are still here. Too bad HOI has been absorbed by EEK, but it is what it is. Glad your blog is still here, thanks for it!