Sunday, January 30, 2005

Anchoring For Dummies - Scripts Are Not Props

I like unscripted live shots. The two best people in MARKET 117 at doing these don't do them much anymore: Brent Lonteen and my wife, Shannon. But if you're doing that kind of live shot, you're not depending on a script so it's not an issue.

When you're in the studio, either anchoring or reporting (stand in)... use your scripts, or at least have them ready!

Reporters: Don't roll them up. You're not trying to kill a fly. Teleprompters go down at the worst times and your viewers get short changed if it happens and you're not ready to continue.

Anchors: Scripts aren't just there for you smack down on to the table after a show. I know some people who don't "turn the page" until a few stories past where they are in the show. What's the point in having them? Draw a line after the last on camera sentence. Make marks that will help you pick things right back up should you lose your place in the prompter or it goes down.


News_Chica said...

hey edgar...still home... anyway... wondering what prompted this discussion about prompters? haha... did someone's prompter go out of whack? ...News_Chica

Edgar said...

Nope, it was just on my list of potential blog topics. It is not my intent to call people out on things, but rather encourage change via general commentary.