Monday, June 13, 2005

Delivery For Dummies - Talk With Your Face And Your Hands

I've seen some pretty good packages the past few weeks. Just a thought on how to make the delivery a little better.

Talk with your face and your hands. You do it on camera. Do it in the edit bay while your tracking. If you can get clip mic for this, even better.

Reading something suprising? Raise your eyebrows.

Reading something funny, or turning a clever phrase? Smile big as you read.

Trust me. Once you're used to this, you'll be able to hear the difference and it makes for better story telling.

And let your hands go. When you tell a story at the bar after work, my guess is you're pretty animated, right? That same energy needs to be in your voicetrack.

For those with 10+ years experience, you've probably found your voice and don't need to worry too much. But for those of you in job one or two, or if this is something you think you struggle with, this is a good way to work on finding your voice.

Happy tracking!

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