Sunday, January 16, 2005

Where Are They Now - WMBD

For anyone who has read "The Tipping Point", my wife says I'm what the book calls a "connector." As one of the five frequent questions I'm asked relates to where did somebody go, I thought I'd share what I know.

This is a list of people who I worked with at WMBD or were there while I was at WEEK and got to know that way. Some I know well, others just met or knew casually. Some I've kept in contact with, others it's been a while. This list is in no way exhaustive, as I have not yet included those who are shooters, producers, managers or directors (I do keep in touch with some, so contact me if you're looking for someone).

More lists will follow in the coming weeks, but if you know the whereabouts or can think of someone else not on the list, please add to the comment section.

Darin Adams – KSL (Salt Lake City, UT) - updated 1/08
John Alois - State Farm (Bloomington, IL) - updated 1/27
Ann Bagel - Meatingplace (Chicago, IL) - updated 1/08
Cherie Berkley – Web MD (Chicago, IL) - updated 1/08
Mike Bloomberg – WSCR radio - 670 The Score (Chicago, IL) - updated 1/08
Beth Brotherton – WYFF (Greenville, SC)
Stephanie Brown - WDJT (Milwaukee, WI) - updated 1/21
Renee Charles – WKYT (Lexington, KY) - updated 1/08
Mike Colpitts - Destin Florida Real Estate (Destin, FL)
Melissa Crabtree - WPSD (Paducah, KY)
Chris Curtis - ???
Jenifer Daniels - KPSP (Palm Springs, CA)
Shelli Dankoff – Easter Seals (Peoria, IL)
Liza Danver - WFIE (Evansville, IN) - updated 1/21
Donna Davis - Home and Style TV (Atlanta, GA)
Jim Dugan - Caterpillar (Peoria, IL)
Rusty Dunn - Caterpillar (Peoria, IL)
Annette Eulitt - Caterpillar (Peoria, IL)
Nancy Flagg – Big Oldies 93.3 The Drive (Peoria, IL) - updated 1/08
Mark Goldman - Sara Lee (Chicago, IL)
Yvonne Greer - PowerZone/WGN radio "pinch hitter" (Peoria, IL) - updated 1/08
Kristyn Hartman – WBBM (Chicago, IL)
Maria Henneberry - Instructor at Illinois State University/WRPW 92.9 (Bloomington, IL) - updated 1/08
Kimberly Houk - WKMG (Orlando, FL) - updated 1/08
Alan Heymann - Washington D.C. - updated 1/27
Courtney Jamieson – ABC News (Washington D.C.) - updated 1/08
Todd Jones - ???
Kate Kenney - Caterpillar (Peoria, IL) - updated 1/08
Will Koch - Country Insurance (Bloomington, IL) updated 1/27
Matt Kummer - WISH (Indianapolis, IN) - updated 1/08
Kimberly Laburda - last seen at KSPR (Springfield, MO) - updated 1/27
Jeff Lamb - WMYO/WDRB (Louisville, KY) - updated 1/08
Tim Lampley - Freelance Entertainment Reporter (Belleville, IL) - updated 1/26
Marcus Lynch – WCYB/WEMT (Johnson City, TN)
Mike McClellan –Mobile Weather Team (Washington, IL)
Krystal Morris - WYIN (Merillville, IN) - updated 1/21
Aimee Nuzzo – Snapfocus Productions (New York, NY) - updated 1/08
Lee Ross - Fox News Channel (Washington D.C.) - updated 1/08
Rachel Ryan - Caterpillar (Peoria, IL)
Tricia Skidmore - WEWS (Cleveland, OH) - updated 1/27
Dave Snell – Bradley University (Peoria, IL)
Karl Spring – WBJR (Duluth, MN) - updated 1/08
Darcy Thomas – WHBQ (Memphis, TN)
Steve Trainor - ???
Bianca Tyler - Connecticut
Jay Verner - Country Insurance (Bloomington, IL) - updated 1/27
Doc Watson - WZPN radio - 96.5 ESPN (Peoria,IL) - updated 1/08
Caitlin Weinstein - KCCI (Des Moines, IA) - updated 1/21


Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure about this, but last I heard, Lee Ross went to Washington, DC to work in politics. I didn't know Lee well enough to stay in touch with him, but I remember him telling me that on one of his last days in Peoria.

Edgar said...

I know Lee left to take a journalism fellowship in D.C., but I had heard that he's been freelancing since then. Not sure where exactly though.

Anonymous said...

Lee is a producer at the Fox News Channel in D.C.

Anonymous said...

Ann Bagel is a writer for "Poultry" magazine in Chicago. It's a trade publication for those in the poultry business.

Anonymous said...

Donna Davis, formerly of WMBD-AM and WKZW-FM KZ-93 (now WPBG-FM Big Oldies 93.3) is at oldies radio station Majic 102.7 WMXJ-FM in Miami, FL.

Anonymous said...

Jim Dugan does not work for Caterpillar. He is managing editor of Farm Journal Electronic Media who regularly provide agribusiness reports on Newschannel 31.
Melissa Crabtree is weekend anchor at ABC affiliate WSIL-TV Channel 3 in Carterville, IL (located north of Carbondale).
Other former WMBD personalities you forgot are Wayne Herman who's selling houses in Colorado ( Wayne was Newscenter 31's co-anchor with Susan Parks from 1988 to 1990.

Edgar said...

Thanks to the last two commenters for the information. I didn't forget anyone... (but didn't know where Donna was). I've started these lists with people I worked with/or who were across town... will eventually expand to people who were in the market before me.

Specifically to the second poster, Jim Dugan is now at Cat, but you're right from WMBD he did go to AgDay and he was actually teaching in the South Bend area too.

Anonymous said...

I see how it is... now mention as a former WMBDer! No love. Thanks E! Just kidding! You can all find me at WGN. Don't know why you would want to look for me, but that's where I am.

Steve Scheuer

Anonymous said...

I just noticed, even TIM L. Gets mentioned! You're killin' me!

Anonymous said...

Don Hein, former Bradley braves play-by-play announcer is at WTHR Indianapolis.

Dan DiOrio and Chuck Collins' former morning radio partner John Williams is at WGN in Chicago.

Martin Savidge is at NBC.

WCIA/WMBD alumnus John Coleman is at KUSI San Diego.

Julie Broski is at KCTV in Kansas City. (She has a pet dog named Chuck.)

Denise Henley-Arnone is a sales associate at Illinois Furniture.

Rollie Keith is retired and resides in Pekin.

I do not know where Diane Barber, Cynthia Lynn, Anne Berry, Paige Perich, Susan Parks, and Karen Adamsa are now.

Anonymous said...

I can help with lots of late 80s/early 90s' names -- Tim Van Vooren is the weekend Sports anchor at WITI (FOX) Milwaukee.
Richard Ransom stopped by there for a couple years, but is now back in Memphis, this time as a main anchor.
Pam Elliot (formerly Crawford) is a reporter/morning anchor in Indidnapolis.
Jay Shatz does a home improvement show in Cincinnati - affiliated with WCPO.
Randy Salerno is the new morning anchor at Chicago's WBBM.
Jim Reed (newscast director) is at ComCast Sports Network in Chicago after a few years at ESPN.
Jim Polus (another director) is Sr. Audio/Visual Producer at the Illinois Farm Bureau in Bloomington,
and I am the TV-10 News Director, and always on the lookout for alums!

Anonymous said...

Renee Charles is currently living in Madison, WI, co anchors a 9pm Newscast on the NBC affiliate WB, and is recently engaged. The link that you have isn't quite the right one...try...

Anonymous said...

Edgar- What happened to former Morning Mixer, Lucy,, I believe Bill Lamb met her on an Europe trip? Or th eother weather intern --- can't remember her name she was there during Renee's era. Thanks great site

Edgar said...

Thanks... I don't know where those two went, but I'll check with people who might.

Anonymous said...

The weather intern was Brigid (yes it's with a "d") but I have no idea where she went. She was from Chicago.
Last I knew Lucy was hosting some children's TV show back home (somewhere in England I thought).
BTW...I really like this's fun to keep up on what's happening back home.

Renee Charles

The Chocolate Princess said...

Bill Lamb is general manager at WDRB FOX 41 TV in Louisville, KY.

Anonymous said...

Hi Edgar, if you'd like to try your hand with a couple of really old names from 'MBD, I'd love to know what came of Bruce Asbury and Sally Larvic. Anyone care to help?T

The Chocolate Princess said...

I grew up watching Dave Snell and Rollie Keith, but whatever happend to former weekend anchor Karen Adams as well as Dianne Barber and Paige Perich.

Anonymous said...

There were 2 Donna Davis at WMBD radio and tv. The radio one and the tv one.

Dianne Barber lives in Florida and her family still runs Muir graphics company in Peoria.

It's Anne Ferry not Berry. Whereabouts unknown.

At last check, Paige Perich is in New York somewhere doing PR.

At last check, Bruce Asbury was at KOLR in Springfield, Mo.

Sally Larvick is in Indianapolis. Married to the Indy 500 radio/pa announcer.

Don't forget about Carol LeBeau. Well known San Diego anchor.

Karen Adams was an anchor in Boston.

Lynna Lai is an anchor at WOIO Cleveland

Anonymous said...

Jim Dugan is at Caterpillar

The Chocolate Princess said...

Anne Ferry, whose married name is Dwyer is at a Fox affiliate in Florida.
Sally Larvick's husband is Paul Page.

Anonymous said...

Found Lynna Lai at WOIO in Cleveland. Must say, she looks better with age...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Bill Rogers?

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever know wat became of Tom Wood (KZ-93 "morning man")

Anonymous said...
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Dark Charmer said...

Last I knew Doc watson worked for 1470 WMBD AM radio as an announcer.

raralee said...

where is krystal morris

Blue said...

Does anyone know where Donna Davis the former WMBD TV Weekend Anchor/Reporter is?

Bill Lamb said...


Thought you might like to know, Darin Adams is now doing amorning show in Salt Lake City, Renee Charles is married and working in Lexington, KY at WKYT, and Doc Watson is still in Peoria working for ShareBuilder, a company owned and operated by the former GSM of WMBD, Don Locke. I spoke to Lucy Stradling when I was in London last, but I didn't get to see her. I think she said she was engaged, but that was two and a half years ago so she's probably married now. As always, she sounded great.

Bill Lamb

carla holmes said...

Hey, I don't know if anyone remembers me but I use to be a photographer from 1997-2002. I was glad I found this site, some of these names bring back a lot of memories.

Donna Davis said...

This is Donna Davis, formerly of WMBD-TV. My video production company produced an ad that's now in the Top Ten Heinz Ketchup contest. It's all up to votes now. If you wouldn't mind, please go to the link below and vote for "Life Lessons". You can vote once a day through April 21st. Please tell others about it as well.



Unknown said...

Ya'll are making me feel OLD! I shot film (yes FILM!) for WMBD back in the late '70s. We thought we were hot stuff when we switched to tape...until we discovered how much heavier the gear was. Liveshots were just a pipe-dream then.

Those were the Bruce Asbury/Sally Larkin days. From Peoria, I went to Indy (WTHR) for a few years until I came to my senses and got a "real" job.

I'll retire next year after 28 yrs working for the Navy, currently in the Jacksonville, FL area.

Link Cooper

David Knapp said...

Years ago when I was growing up there was a 45 record of Farmer Bill’s Christmas in a barn. Later I even saw a copy of a cassette recording. ( as technology improved)
I have been looking for a digital file of this recording that I could download on my computer and share with my friends here in Tennessee. Is there still anybody in Peoria that is old enough to remember this recording? And is there anybody that knows where a file of this exists that I could download?

Thank you,

David Knapp
Knoxville, TN.

Phillip said...

Regarding Bianca tyler, see for full details.

Phillip said...

Regarding Bianca Tyler, see for full details

Phillip said...

Regarding Bianca Tyler, see for full details

Unknown said...

I notice that nobody has posted here for a while, so here goes. I am Bruce Asbury, former anchor and sports reporter at WMBD from 1969-1979. I am now retired and live in Sarasota Florida. I have worked in the following cities: Peoria, Cincinnati, Dayton, Springfield MO, Columbia, MO, Fargo ND and San Francisco CA. IN recent years I worked for SNN-TV in Sarasota, a company owned by the New York Times. I retired in 2009, but still do occasion human interest stories for Sarasota community access TV. As for others mentioned on this page: Ann (Ferry) Dwyer is a very successful TV anchor in Tampa, Sally Larvick still lives in Indy and Ft. Myers with husband Paul, Dianne Barber Muir recently moved into assisted living in Ft. Myers. I loved my ten years in Peoria, and probably would have been better off if I never left. My best friends were made there, and I still communicate with them.

Unknown said...

Bruce Asbury, who was co-anchor with Sally Larvick with Bob Larson on weather while I was sports director of WMBD AM-TV from late 1975 thru late 1978 is now moved into KING of Obits on Facebook. Bruce can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about everyone of fame--who dies. Sounds worse that it is. Actually very informative. Greg Lucas Houston

Unknown said...

I am Angela Hawley (Powers) and worked at MBD in the late 70s. Where are others such as Lindsey Gedge and Duane Wallace? I teach at Kansas State University now and loved my time at WMBD!

Unknown said...

Hey Donna, so I just thought I would let you know that I found an autographed photo of you and Gary Olson KZ.93 under the stairs in my basement. I just wanted to tell you because I didn't know if you remember or not. :)

Jody said...

in the 1960's was a farm announcer for WMBD radio station called Farmer Bill He also did the recording of a Christmas in the Barn. Do you know his real name? I think his first name was Emil

Thank your Jody