Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Shopping errr Buying

At my house, Shannon takes care of the gifts for everyone... I buy the gifts for her. Not fair I know, but she enjoys shopping... I enjoy buying. I don't look around... I make my list, I make a beeline for the item, and a beeline for the line and a beeline out the door.

I suppose I could go with her, but it would ruin her fun.

Some random thougts from my buying excursion yesterday...

I got rock star parking outside of Sears at Northwoods. The first spot. There's something special about getting that spot, isn't there? It's almost like I could rationalize looking around a little longer (even though it is against my nature) cause I had that spot.

And when I left, I was very excited for the person who was waiting... about to get my spot.

I dig the massage recliners at the mall... but people, if you're not going to put money in... you really shouldn't be sitting in em for ten or fifteen minutes. Just a pet peeve.

Home And Style TV

Former WMBD weekend anchor Donna Davis is the host and producer of a show out of Georgia called Home and Style. It's a women's magazine show on the America One network.

Thanks to WMBD's Amy Paul for the tip.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fantasy Super Bowls

My teams lived to play another week. The team Josh and I share won in convincing fashion. My other team held on to win thanks to a sub par night from the Bengals. Josh and I face the team in our league that has Tomlinson, while my other team goes up against Peyton Manning. But hey... anything can happen this time of year.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Airwaves Win

Airwaves won 7-5 on Thursday night. I can't shake the injuries, even after sitting out four weeks. Not good.

Fantasy Playoffs

Oh I'm going to be sick. In one of my leagues, I left several players on the bench and they scored TDs...

I played Trent Green thinking KC would score at least two TDs tonight and with LJ going, I thought that would assure me of both. Turns out they were held to 3 FGs.

I'm up about 32 points facing Rudi Johnson and TJ Housh tomorrow night. Basically I can survive a combination of 200 yards and 2 TDs or 140 yards and 3 TDs from those two. And in a shootout with Indy, it'll be tough. Let's go Ocho Cinco.

In the other league, where I share a team with Josh, we're up by 20 points with Marvin Harrison going against Cincy kicker Shayne Graham. We're basically in the finals, but will face the Tomlinson lead team next week. Guh.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Karen Moves On

Congrats to WEEK assignment editor Karen Stecher. Karen is leaving the business for a job at Advanced Technology Services.

Fantasy Frustration

So the bright side to Sunday is it looks like I'll make the playoffs in two of the leauges I'm in.

In the third league, I'm up 17 going into Monday night... my opponent has the Bears defense and Bernard Berrian, so it looks like I'm done there. I would probably have won if Saints coach Sean Payton didn't call three plays inside the five for fullback Mike Karney... three plays that usually would have gone to my running back, Deuce Mcallister... thre plays that went for touchdowns.

The one I thought he had was called back on a false start... and at 23 up, I think I would have had a chance. Now, I can only watch from my reserved seat at BW3 as the Bears tee off on the Rams. Guhhh.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snow Delays

The soccer programs I've been running at the Dragons Dome were going really well... till the snow hit. They're supposed to be figuring it out this weekend and we should know by Monday when we'll be back on track.

We're also starting adult leagues come January, so e-mail me if you're interested.

Marc's Having A Baby

Okay, his wife Lisa is...

And people across the country found out what they're having live on national televison this week. Marc works for ivillagelive which is syndicated in many major markets and on Bravo locally.

They're about six months pregnant and took part in various pregnancy related segments leading up to finding out the sex of their baby at the end of a recent show.

Click the link to find Thursday's episode.

A Rare Occurance

I never win contests. Never.

So I didn't expect to win when two girls in Bears gear asked me to enter my name in a drawing at Buffalo Wild Wings on Monday night. The contest was for "Best Seat in the House."

But when they drew a name at halftime... it was mine.

$40 in free food and a reserved seat for the Monday Night Bears/Rams game.

Good times.

New Gig For Gee

Belated congratulations to former WMBD producer and WCIA news director Jim Gee. Jim is now news director Southern Illinois University - Carbondale and WSIU-TV.

"Throughout my career, the part I've always enjoyed most is working with young professionals and students," Gee said. "It's important that students get a good start in journalism because there are so many pressures and changes going on in the industry."

WSIU was recently recognized for the state's top student newscast by the Illinois Broadcasters Association.