Thursday, November 30, 2006

Keeping In Touch

Heard from three former MARKET 117ers this week. Ben Bailey sent an e-mail this week. He's doing well in Detroit and was reminsicing with Pat Dix about the good old days in Peoria. Ben worked at 25 when I was at 31, but we got to know each other covering many of the same stories.

Josh Klingler, known at WMBD radio as Josh Kelly, is doing sports radio in KC and is the father of two six week old twins. Congrats, man! He's playing soccer again too. Josh played in college and spent one season with the Airwaves.

And thanks to Monica Landeros for keeping me in mind when she knows Packer tickets are up for grabs. She's in Green Bay now.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Movie Night

We actually spent the whole day on Saturday... all five of us... together. No activities... no commitments nothing. I think the next one will be sometime around 2010.

Took the kids to see "Happy Feet." I was pretty disappointed. It's like the filmmakers couldn't make up their minds... is it about being different or is it about saving the environment?

The best told stories are the simple ones and while it had entertaining moments, it fell short for me. My daughter fell asleep and that about said it all.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Indoor Season In Full Swing

"Game on."

Only one Airwaves entry to the Morton indoor league. Good start to the season with 12-0 and 4-1 wins. I'm coaching on Thursdays... and still dinged up... so I'm mostly out this session.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One Election Thought

No really exciting races around here. I will say that I enjoyed what looks to be a "no" vote for negative ads. These ads got out of hand this time around and I'm hoping it's not a trend... as I'm sure there were people who didn't want to vote for anyone... cause so many candidates were painted with horrible brushes.

Stay positive people!

Bad Sweeps Promo

It's sweeps. I get it. But I have a small gripe.

NBC was running a Deal or No Deal promo, where they gave away how far a woman was going to get. Why? A big part of the fun of watching mindless game shows is you don't know what's going to happen. Did some genius figure... well, we'll let people know she'll get this far with 1$1,000,000 still on the board... that'll get more people to watch.


It took away from my enjoyment of that episode.

A Tough Loss

I'm a little behind on posting. Congrats to the ICC women on a terrific season. The Lady Cougars lost 1-0 in the district title game on Saturday.

As I've written a little before, being a coach is in many ways like being a parent. And as happy as I was for my girls the past few games, I felt their pain on Saturday. I was tearing up on the way home after seeing two of the toughest girls I've known leave it all on the field and come off in tears.

But they gave Iowa Western its best game of the year and they can be proud that this is the best an ICC women's team has ever done.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another Big Win

ICC Women's Soccer won yesterday 2-0. Jenni Schoon scored two solid goals on passes from Brittany Lowell. A nice second half from Amanda LaGrow helped preserve the victory. The ladies move on to the district title game against Western Iowa, today at 2:00.

Thanks to the PJStar, WHOI and WMBD for coming out.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Blogoversary

This thing is two years old today.