Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One More Driving Gripe

So I'm approaching a two way stop and another car is coming to the stop sign from the opposite direction. They've got their signal on for a left turn, but it's pretty apparent that I'm closer to the stop sign, will stop first and have the right of way.

Realzing this, and apparently not wanting to stop or let someone go first... the person taps the breaks a good ten yards before the stop sign, then rolls on through with their left turn. And the funny part is part of me actually gets what they were going for.

Missing Home

As those of you who are regular readers know, I love sports and I miss being home this time of year. As I previously posted, my high school is in the final eight of the state soccer tournament... and they're in the final eight for football. Hopefully both teams do well.

Update: Soccer lost in the quarterfinals to Neenah, football lost to Riverside.

Halloween In A New Neighborhood

Halloween was fun, but I expect no less with kids five and under. The baby (he'll be two in January, but he's still the baby) went up to the first house. After the older two got their treats, the lady gave him one... and I yelled "what do you say?" He looked at her and said "more" then started crying when he realized it was limit one. He'll get it next year.

The older two had a great time. At the second house, we were offered a fire, hot dogs and chilli. Not in a bag, mind you... they were having a get together. Great offer, but we had to decline as the kids would have revolted if we had stopped at one house.

We went to several houses before my duaghter gave up and retired to the stroller.

Funny thing that struck me... parents tell kids "never take candy from strangers." Then Halloween comes. And by the way, there's nothing fun about "fun size" candy.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

ICC Women Win Regional

Congrats to the ICC Women on a hard fought regional title game win. The ladies won 2-1 over Southwestern Illinois College.

After going down 1-0 in the second half, two of my former PCHS players led the comeback. Aimee St. Andre scored the equalizer on a beautiful header. Minutes later, her sister Chantal scored the game winner off a beautiful ball from Jenni Schoon.

Thanks to Donnie/WHOI and Rob/WMBD for their coverage of an exciting game.

Catching Up On Movies

Getting a chance to catch up on movies I missed in the theaters for the first time in a long time. This week I saw (on satellite) Criminal, Click and The Break-Up.

Criminal is a remake of a 2000 Argentine film and is about a very intricate con. John C. Reilly, (who most people probably know from Boogie Nights or Talladega Nights) stars. George Clooney produced and it had an Oceans Eleven feel with out the glitz.

Shannon and I enjoyed Click, probably because we both didn't expect a lot. The message was a good one... and you could pretty easily catch the references to Scrooge and George Bailey. Without going Roger Ebert on you, I think the problem for me was I didn't know what kind of movie I was watching. Was it classic Adam Sandler or something that was supposed to make you think. I'm a big Sandler fan, but there was probably too much dog/stuffed duck humor that took away from the sentiment.

We watched The Break-Up last night. I think we had more expectation of this one. I thought many of the scenes just seemed to drag. And I got what they were trying to go for with the photos at the start setting up their relationship, but I think for me it was hard to be invested in their relationship with just that and they "how they met" scene. One of my favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally, does a great job of set up, passage of time... could have been more like that.

Friday, October 27, 2006

MUHS Rolls On

My high school has made it to the round of 16 in soccer back home in Wisconsin. Marquette Univerisity High School is one of the top soccer programs in the nation, holding the national record for state titles. They've been WIAA champs five out of the last six years.

Currently they're ranked fifth in their region (Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin) and defeated the 12th ranked team tonight.

Go Hilltoppers!!!

Update: The Hilltoppers are going to state after a 5-1 win over Greenfield. They've had another great season that has included wins over Rockford Boylan, Gurnee Warren and Palatine Fremd, with the first two teams still alive in the IHSA tournament.

Napping At Work

Today Show ran a story on this. I've always found it funny that little kids hate taking naps at school or home. How great would it be if midway through the day, your boss said... okay... "have a snack, then lay on this little cot?"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Home Today

Shannon got all four wisdom teeth pulled today. She's in no shape to do anything, so I'm home on daddy patrol.

I feel so bad for her... she's freaked out enough about bad things happening to her teeth and she never had anisthetic before, but she made it through and is now resting.

On the way home, had to deal with two boneheads. First, as I'm driving on 74, some woman is on my butt, despite the 45 mph signs and all the construction. You can see she's getting impatient, even though there's no room in front of me. Finally on the bridge she passes me and gives me a dirty look. These are the people you wish would get pulled over. The extra 60 seconds you save are not worth hitting a worker.

We stop at Panera in EP on the way home. I'm in the parking lot and stop to turn into a space. There's a guy who just parked, talking on his cell phone as he slowly walks across my path. He even looks at me, then continues to walk, but now even slower. Now clearly, if I'm not going to blow through construction, I'm not in a hurry, but come on.

And then I pass him as I go in he's loudly swearing about something into the phone. I know they're a necessary evil in society today, but I can't stand cell phones... almost as much as I can't stand the self absorbed.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Little Soccer Champs

So a couple of weeks ago, my wife gave our oldest a choice. We had a wedding in Milwaukee, but kids weren't invited to the reception, so he could either come up with us and stay with a sitter or as Shannon put it, see his uncles and aunt and all his cousins... or he could stay and play in his soccer championship. Even though I was the coach, taking part in the wedding as an usher and a reader was my priority.

He chose soccer.

So Saturday morning, before getting the tux on and all that comes with prepping for a wedding, we sat at the breakfast table wondering how he was doing. And we called to find out the great news. As we'd see on video later... he scored two goals to lead his team to a 2-0 win and the tournament title.

As a parent who coaches and played, it is so much fun for me to watch. The goals happend like this: on one, the opposing team's goalie made a save then started running towards the left side to get rid of it. In the video you can see my son anticipate and sprint towards where he thought the ball would end up. He controlled it, dribbled into the box, past the defenders and the goalie, then kicked it into an open net.

Later, he took a pass at midfield... dribbled around three defenders, but then it seems the ball was getting too far ahead... and headed out of bounds. The goalie comes out to pick it up, but at the last second, he cuts it back and it goes into the goal.

Clearly, like his father, he isn't able to shoot from more than five feet out, but hey... whatever works, right?

Field Trip

I took Friday off... had a wedding in Milwaukee this weekend. But before we took off, Shannon and I took part in a field trip for our oldest to one of the Pekin fire stations.

Boy the kids' eyes got big as the crew backed one of its vehicles in. They learned some basic fire safety, until a call came in and cut the tour short.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Up Late

Trying to catch up on a bunch of work...

Of course I have the TV on to keep me company... sucked into a horrible movie: Shocker.

It's your pretty basic horror/killer flick that takes a horrible turn at the end, but maybe gave birth to the concept for the Adam Sandler movie Click.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nightmares, Lunches And Waiting For The Bus

My head is killing me... right at the spot where I took that shot yesterday.

I had a nightmare last night... that my son got off the bus and no one was here to meet him. Probably because that's my job today and it never is.

I was also in charge of lunch. We bought lunch meat and bread last night, but he also had me get some Lunchables. I was going to make him a sandwich, but he opted for that instead. I'm wondering if mom would approve.

He's very into school... he keeps asking me, "how many more minutes till the bus comes?" I was never the greatest student, but I never dreaded going to school like some kids... hope this attitude sticks with him.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Guys Night Out

Just me and my oldest tonight. After he woke up from a nap, we split a pizza at Mickie's, then went to Walmart for a few things. He was really good today, so I bought him a couple of new books and we spent some time reading when we got home.

Nights like these are so much fun... I know this time will go fast, so I'm trying to savor it.

0-3 In Fantasy

All three of my teams failed to perform this weekend.

Oh well, at least the Packers didn't lose (bye week).

Gordon Signs With Indiana

Regular readers of the blog know I'm a big fan of college hoops... specifically Marquette (my alma mater) and Illinois (got to know the Manual kids while covering them at 31, Shannon's alma mater).

From the Chicago Sun Times...

Ignoring the commitment Gordon gave to Weber last November after he was hired at
Indiana in March, new IU coach Kelvin Sampson, who preached integrity when he
was president of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, put a
full-court press on the 6-4 guard, who is listed as the nation's No. 1 prospect
by recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons.
''To lose the nation's No. 1 prospect is
totally devastating to Illinois recruiting,'' Gibbons said. ''They had hoped to
sign Eric Gordon and [Simeon's] Derrick Rose at one time. Now Illinois has lost
them both. The impact is unfortunate because Bruce Weber is a good guy who does
things the right way. All he could do was hope [Gordon] would stick to his word.
So much for ethics.''
Among the tactics that raised eyebrows, Sampson hired
Jeff Meyer, who was the elder Gordon's coach at Liberty University, as an
assistant. Sampson, who was sanctioned for breaking NCAA rules at Oklahoma by
making myriad recruiting phone contacts, also hired Travis Steele, a coach for
the younger Gordon's AAU team, as a video coordinator.

It's disappointing as a fan... and probably hurts the team/coach's reputation more than it has an on the court impact (most expect Gordon to be off to the NBA after one year).

Analog Airwaves Finish Undefeated

I'll post a Digital score later... they play at 5:30.

Analog finished off the season with a 4-2 win over the Titans. With the win, Analog ends up in first place, going a perfect 8-0 on the year.

The game was tight early. Missing our starting two defenders hurt... having only one sub didn't help. Vito got things going with a shot from the left side that their keeper couldn't handle and the 1-0 lead held till halftime.

Early in the second, I got a good lead pass, cut it back then put one left footed in the left corner. I had another as did Jose before they got on the board twice.

Game was marred by bad sportsmanship. Midway through the second half, I get the ball in the midfield and send it up. The ball is maybe 15-20 yards away, when one of their women, wearing some kind of helmet/head gear just unloads with two arms and the helmet and tries to take my head off.

She tried to apologize, but to me that's kind of hollow. I mean, I don't condone hurting anyone at all, but if you're going to do something like that, at least pretend like you're going for the ball.

I laughed it all off and this apparently honked her off even more. If I understood her crazed rantings, I think she got hurt on my knee brace earlier in the game and she turned that into I tried to hurt her. So this was apparently her chance to get me back. What a psycho.

Funny, usually something like this would push me to play harder, but all I could think was my wife is out of town. If this woman had hit me square in the head with the headgear, and I had gotten knocked out... it would have been pretty scarry for my five year old who was watching on the sidelines. But if I have learned anything... I know that people like that just don't care.

So the psycho leaves the field at some point later, starts screaming and talking trash to another one of our players... until the ref blows the whistle, and tells her to knock it off. That was about right.

So all that aside, Analog finished off a great year, giving up only three goals on the season. With two more goals today (twenty on the year), I was able to raise $500 for the Pekin Pride Soccer Club. Thanks to P&W Builders for their support.

Indoor starts soon and while I'll still do the organizing, but injuries have really caught up to me and I'll be out for a while. I probably wouldn't have played the second half of this season if it weren't for the opportunity to raise money for the kids.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just For Kicks

Coached my oldest son's Boys and Girls Club team in their first tournament game today.

I've written about them a little bit... and really saw the fruits of my labor in a few moments today. Some of them have really started to embrace the concept of passing and it's amazing how just one or two passes in bumble bee soccer really opens things up.

It is a lot of fun. I make sure the kids get a lot of positive reinforcement, lots of high fives and answer all their questions. I tie shoes in the middle of the field and make sure they're having fun.

My son scored the first two goals. He's been playing really well all year, and even better as of late. He finished up indoor at Mossville with six goals in two games.

So here's where the struggle starts for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I have great passion for the game. And as much as I stress fun... I work hard to make sure I don't even hint at becoming like this guy's father.

But here's the thing. After I got up from a rare nap this afternoon, my son says to me: "daddy, if I clean up the front room, can we practice soccer in there?" He wanted to do more after dinner too... and right before bed.

So what do I do. The season is over next week. I don't want to push him this young. I really don't. But am I failing him if I don't nurture his passion... find him more places to play? I don't know.

Lonteen To Sell Peoria

A story in the Journal Star today covers how WMBD news director Brent Lonteen has been offered the job of Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau director.

Having worked and lived with Brent, I can tell you that you'd be hard pressed to find someone who loves this area more.

If he accepts it, this will be a great challenge and one I think he'll do well with, although to be fair it is unchartered territory and there will be a tough learning curve coming from television.

Update: heard through the grapevine that the move was announced to 31 staffers.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fantasy Football

Having trouble keeping up with three fantasy teams... 4-1 in the MARKET 117 league... 3-2 in another, 2-3 in a third.

Larry Johnson is on all three of my teams, so you can imagine, in addition to being scared for the guys health, that my season looked to be over for a few moments.

Three teams is really a challenge... thankfully I'm only co-owner of the third.

Red Eye

Caught the movie Red Eye recently. I think if she does more thrillers, I could definitely switch from being an "Ashley Judd in peril movie" guy to a "Rachel McAdams in danger movie" guy.

Just a thought...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blogger Challenges HOI

Scott Janz posts about coverage of the recent Dagit/Smith commercial confrontations.

He writes, "C’mon HOI you can do better than that."

Generally speaking, I think all three stations are pretty fair when it comes to political coverage, but Scott seems to feel that WEEK gave him a more balanced take.

Tebben For Mayor

So my father in law has thrown his hat back into the political ring. As locals read and saw in the news this past week, Dave Tebben announced he's again going to run for the post of Pekin mayor.

Frank Mackaman has done a great job since taking over for Lyn Howard, but isn't planning on running in April. I of course have mixed feelings about this. As I've written in the past, from a truly selfish standpoint, I like having him around with more free time. My father in law is a great guy and I enjoy spending time with him.

On the other hand, this type of service truly suits him. He loves this place and has worked hard to help it grow. As a reporter covering him (before I even knew he had a daughter I'd end up marrying) I was so impressed with his demeanor and attitude... the way he worked with a wide range of people. Agree or disagree with him, but he is truly someone who does his homework, thinks critically about the issues and casts votes he feels are in this town's best interests.

The opportunity for him to run for a state office has been there, but he continues to make Pekin his priority and I will support him in every way I can.

Truth Test

At my station in California, one of our anchors did an election time feature called Truth Test or something like that... centered around truth in political ads.

I was thinking about this the other day after being bombarded by ads in the governor's race... read Jonathan Ahl's post... said better than I could have.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Who Are The Clowns?

So Josh, Shannon and I were talking about this over dinner. Who are the clowns at the networks who have started messing with the scheduling of certain shows. Those of you with TiVo know what I mean... scheduling a show from 8:00 to 9:01 so that depending on your DVR system, it screws up or makes it challenging to record the next show you want to record.

Is this how they're trying to compete now? We're going to have Gray's Anatomy run over two minutes and maybe mess up you getting ER, for example. This, as my friend Brett likes to say, is bush league.

This isn't like what TBS used to do, having everything start at five minutes after the hour... that was there thing.

This feels like a cheap way to get people not to watch other shows. Weak. Knock it off.

Just produce good shows... we'll decide what we watch.

New Anchor At WMBD

Welcome to Catherine Cambra, the new weekend anchor at WMBD. Catherine replaces Meg Johnson who moved to the FOX 43 News at 9.

Catherine is originally from Hawaii, but has reported in the Bangor, Maine market.

Ivan Drago Is Real

My dad is a big boxing fan and likes that I have satellite so he can watch when he and my mom come to visit as they did this weekend. Usually I'll watch for a few minutes, but I actually watched a whole fight on Saturday.

For those of you haven't seen him, Nikolai Valuev is almost straight out of Rocky IV. He's 7 feet tall and 320 some pounds. He is a mountain of a man who looks a bit like the late Andre the Giant... and it was actually fascinating to watch him fight. He fought a guy named Monte Barrett who was 6'3, 222.

To put this into perspective of more mainstream sports, imagine if Shaq and Dwayne Wade stepped in the ring for a fight. That is essentially the size differential.

To see Valuev throw a punch from what seemed like the other side of the ring was astounding. And Barrett was trying really hard, but it was almost as if he had to jump to land something solid. And Valuev isn't plodding like you'd expect someone that size to be, he has a fair amount of quickness.

Valuev won by TKO when Barrett's manager stepped in to stop the fight, which he should have as his guy was in real trouble. Valuev is now 45-0 and really worth checking out.

Airwaves Win Two

Congrats to Digital on a 5-0 win over Jupiter Images. Don’t have details on who scored, but Bill let me know they played a great game.

Analog played its toughest game of the season. We entered the game 6-0. Our opponents, the Nomads, also came in 6-0 and our respective teams were tied for first place.

A few thoughts…

Yes, first and foremost this is rec league. My assumption is all of the players on both teams have played in bigger, more meaningful games in their youth… but on a fall Sunday afternoon, at our ages and places in life, this was the big game and the players on both sides approached it that way.

One thing that was pretty clear from the start, our opponents have a couple of players who just won’t stop whining… it started a minute into the game and continued till the end. And one of those players, was just a complete tool the entire game. In honor of former teammate Beth Krug who coined the term… he was what she would call a “wamper” and in fact, let’s refer to him as Wamper for the rest of this post.

I was offsides early on. I knew it and would have been fine if the ref called it. But the he missed it and so, Wamper wamps to the ref and he wamps about me… hanging by the last defender all game, he just won’t let it go even minutes later as the ref points out to their team. Later, he gets called for offisides and continues to wamp at the top of his lungs, even though some of his teammates agreed with the ref.

I had a couple of good chances in the first half, but rushed the shots. Mid way through the half, DJ gets the ball in the middle… I break outside left… he looks my way, then shoots and puts it in the left corner. Wamper starts wamping about how what we just did sucked. Nice. Just a few weeks ago, when they were playing Digital, he was in rare form, screaming to the ref to call an illegal pass back to the goalie… only the goalie didn’t pick up the ball, she kicked it. That’s not illegal when you’re six… or when you’re an adult. So the whole wamping thing is pretty much his standard approach.

The game was intense to say the least. Hard fouls… lots of pushing. But good passing and defense too. The ref at one point says to me that this is the best 7v7 game he’s ever seen. And the tempers and whining really started kicking in... and to be fair… on both sides. At one point, another one of their players was about to send the ball… and I challenged sticking my leg out to block a pass. He kicks my shin, dings up his foot, then starts complaining to the ref… who points out that there was noting illegal about that.

We’re ahead 1-0 at half, but they come out strong in the second and had a couple of good early chances.

Later, there was a great sequence when we get the ball on the left side… and I drop as close to their goalie as I can. Jimmy makes a great throw, and they start screaming for offsides. There is no offsides on a throw in. Not for six year olds, not for adults. But this is par for the day.

Now don’t get me wrong… there were some class acts on their team. After I took a pretty hard foul, a couple of them rushed over to make sure I was okay. But Wamper just kept running his mouth…

So with less than ten minutes to go, they were working so hard to tie it up and had a few solid chances, but at some point, I got a breakaway on the left side… cut it right and blasted the ball home from point blank (another $25 from P&W Builders to Pekin Pride soccer, BTW). And all the emotion built up over the course of the game came out as I screamed with elation. I’ll admit it definitely wasn’t the most sportsmanlike of reactions, but at that point I had heard and had enough. This is something I struggle with though... as a coach I work hard to discourage this attitude, but as a player, there's only so much I can stomach and the competitiveness just takes over. I had taken his garbage the whole game and Wamper was going to know who slammed the door shut.

Of course on my way back to our side of the field, he started mocking me, which was fine. I wrote a few weeks ago about the five year old telling my son how “he’s a loser” and how “he sucks” after he scored a goal. My theory is Wamper is what happens when kids like that grow up and keep playing. Whatever.

So in the end, Analog celebrated a hard fought, 2-0 win. We improve to 7-0 with one game to go.
I’m pretty beat up tonight, but it really does hurt less when you win.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No Deal, No Deal

My kids have got that phrase down. Even the one year old has a garbled version of it.

Guilty pleasure... Deal or No Deal... I'll admit it. Even I could be on that game show.

What is it about some of these game shows where you get sucked in and just live and die with total strangers getting a chance at money for nothing.

So I was thinking about who I'd take on the show to be my three person support system...

Right now I'm at Shannon, Steve Scheuer (for his "experience") and my sister... the voice of reason in our family.

Unless I could get Shania, Ashley Judd and Reese Witherspoon...

Who would you take?

More From The Kiddie Soccer Fields

Coached my five year old and his Boys and Girls Club team tonight. Coaching this age has been quite the experience so far. More often than not, the challenge has nothing to do with soccer...

Tonight I tied three shoes in the middle of the field. This was a season low.

Here are some phrases that have actually come out of my mouth the past couple of weeks:

"Guys, no lying down on the field."

"Don't tackle your teammates."

"No sticking your tongue out at other kids."

Still... it's a lot of fun and a good experience. Like tonight, the other team kicked the ball towards one of our players and as she stood in the goal area. It hit her arm and dropped. The ref blew the whistle and called a hand ball.

Before they took the kick, I very calmly explained to him that I wasn't going to argue his call, but I did want to point out why the call is incorrect. If a player handles the ball deliberately, a rule is broken. He explained that they were told to call it anytime it hit a hand and that was good enough for me.

The other team scored on the PK, but I felt really good about being able to help explain the rule. He's a nice guy... voluntering his time... and I hope he found it helpful too. The only way these kids are going to learn the rules is if all the adults are on the same page.

Of course later, when the other team's goalie ran out of the box with the ball, and I pointed it out... the other team's coach was upset because "they haven't been calling that in other games." We did it over, which was fine... but continuing with the theme... I think the adults need to be on the same page.

I wasn't about to say, "we shuld get a free kick." I wanted them to do it over... because if it's true that it hasn't been called, then we need to teach... not just let it go for the sake of one team's advantage. They're five and six... half of them don't know if they won when the final whistle blows.

The teaching and learning that goes on is really the neatest thing about it. Yes, the babysitting aspect of it can be a challenge. Much of it is herding.

But tonight, I saw the beginings of a light bulb go on for one of my players. He's a really good dribbler, but has struggled to pick up the concept of passing... as is the case with the great majority of kids this age. But on a kick off, I encouraged him to pass it as hard as he could to his group of teammates. My son got the ball and scored. Same thing happened later on and we ended up winning 2-1.

But that was the least important aspect of the night. In the end, I really reinforced with the kids that the biggest reason my son scored those goals was because of the passes his friend made... and sharing the ball is very important... and you could start to see the nods and the other little light bulbs. We'll most likely be back to bumble bee soccer come Saturday, but I'm planting seeds.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Airwaves Split Yet Again

Analog played the early game against Sheridan Nursery and stayed undefeated, winning 14-0. They were missing many of their stronger players and actually only had six show up. In the spirit of fairness, we played with six, but it didn't matter.

I have really mixed feeling about the game. On the one hand, I was disappointed cause they've traditionally been a really strong team... we tied with them for first last year in the B league. I also feel kind of bad that the scoring got out of hand, but to be honest some of the goals were deflected in by their own people. In the end, I had four ($100 more for Pekin Pride soccer - $425 for the season for those of you following along), Vito had three, Crystal had three, Jim, Karen, Jose and DJ each had one.

Really looking forward to next weeks game. We play the other undefeated, first place team... The Nomads with each team led by former Bradley soccer teammates (Vito for us, Steve for them).

Digital played Ag Lab United to a 2-2 tie, but officially lost. Please see this post from "Ahl Things Considered" for a pretty humorous take on what happened in their game.

From Standups to Standup

When I was a photographer at WISN in Milwaukee, one of my favorite reporters was Murv Seymour. Seeing me and Murv out on stories had to have been visually pretty funny... him at the time being 6'4", 270... me being 5'5", 130. We were a great duo on the basketball court though... speed and power... outside and inside.

Murv was always pretty funny... but after moving on from Milwaukee, he reported at a couple other stations, then followed his heart and is now a full time stand up comedian.

Got to take in his show on Saturday night... really good stuff. Talked to him for a while afterwards... I really admire what he's doing. This is something I always wanted to try... and probably should have when I live in LA...

It takes a lot of guts to get up there and put yourself on the line... he talked about the challenges and the struggles, but to get paid to make people laugh... wow... I would find that incredibly rewarding.

Hoping I can figure out a way to get him booked for a gig around here.

Whirlwind Weekend

Packed a lot into the two days off...

Coached E's Boys and Girls Club soccer team... game got done at 12:30...

Went home, packed... Shannon drove up to the outlet mall in Kenosha (I got her gift certificates for her birthday) with our girl and met a friend for a day of shopping... while the boys and I stopped earlier on 55 to watch Pekin Pride play in the Best of the Midwest tournament. They beat a team from Chicago on Saturday afteroon.

Drove up to Kenosha... handed off the baby and drove on to Milwaukee...

Dropped my oldest off with my parents, then cruised down to Brady Street to JD's Comedy Cafe... to see a friend of mine perform.

Got home at midnight... hung with mom for a while, then crashed.

Woke up at 6... was going to stop and see the girls third tournament game, but 794 was closed and before I could figure out the alternate route... I was to far west to adjust... so I headed for home.

Dropped my oldest off at home... layed down for ten minutes, then got back in the car...

Went to Peoria, played soccer... went home...

Watched some football before starting to snore on the couch... but only for a little bit as we had friends over for dinner.