Thursday, June 29, 2006


Josh and Warren from WEEK had quite a trip to New York to cover the NBA draft. On Tuesday night, they end up at ESPNZone for dinner... find a couple of couchlike seats up front and who is sitting next to them, but Dave Snell who wasn't in NYC for the draft, but for work.

They cover Patrick O'Bryant's entry into the NBA and then decide that for fun, they'll make a couple of signs and try to get on The Today Show the next morning. Only, their sign, congratulating O'Bryant is missing an "r" so instead of "congrats," it reads "congats." And of course Al Roker zings them for it.

Josh was just on Markely and Luciano telling tales of a big "r" getting left on his desk and Lee Hall asking about the Badley Baves... all in good fun. And while Jamie and Phil asked him about the heat he'll take around town in the coming months... this, while not intentional, will end up being a genius move.

Yes, he'll take some crap, but his level of recognition with people is about to jump and as I've said before, being able to make a connection with the audience is very important. As the number three sports guy, anchoring infrequently it isn't easy. This will help.

Props to the guys for getting out of bed... Shannon and I had a chance to do this back in the day when we were out there for a wedding... we chose to sleep in.

This, by the way, is the cue for the shortsighted dork to post a comment about journalism... and how "it's not a story" blah, blah, blah. Of course they're probably working at a station that did packages that tie in to a reality show on their network or they're running a kicker on the waterskiing squirrel.

Update: After the story ran at 10 and they came out of weather, Dimmick cracks Shangraw's spelling ability too. It's getting ugly over there. ;)

Update 2: My theory was proven Friday night. Steve Scheuer, Josh and I were out for a little bit on Friday night and not ten seconds after walking in, someone yelled "CONGATS!" He came over to Josh and had a ball talking about it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Get Human

Saw this on 25 tonight. I can't stand automated phone services... going through menu after menu... or worse yet, the ones that call and leave you messages about things you don't want to know about. offers a database to help you navigate quickly to get to an actual person. If anyone uses the advice they give, let me know.

As If This Site Isn't Hard Enough To Keep Up With...

Shannon has gotten me into myspace. Enough said.

Radio Lunch And War Of The Words

A quick hello to Greg Batton and John and Pesto of JMP radio... had the pleasure of lunching with the trio today. I used to love sitting in on the Greg and Yvonne show before work when I was at WMBD and we were in the same building.

And I had been meaning to give the Wolf's morning crew a call when they first got here, because like me they came from the Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz market. In fact, Shannon and I used to listen to their old station, KTOM, all the time when we lived out there... a big reason why we're both into country music to varying degrees. But, during soccer season, I lose track of everything... and now they've been here four months. Better late than never...

A little bit of verbal back and forth between the team and Peoria Pundit Bill Dennis, as you can see from the link. Bill cracked them out of anger after some friends of his got fired... but to his credit, he did apologize after they posted to his blog.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Airwaves Win In A Romp

Airwaves won 8-1 on Sunday. Maybe we were inspired by all the World Cup we've been watching. Jim, Jose, Yon and I all scored. The coup de grace was when, on a throw in, Jim launched the ball at me so hard, a little flick of the head kept the pace of the ball and it landed in the net.

We've played them before and while most of their team is cordial, they have one guy I can't stand. He pushed Trey in the back and to the ground in front of the goal and tackled Jim out of bounds after Jim had cleared the ball. Brings out the best and worst in me.

Friday, June 23, 2006

HOI Blog

Jeff, who used to run the Peoria TV stations blog is back in business, but this time with a more narrow focus.

He's started the HOI blog.

If you consider it to be the companion piece to The WMBD blog, it looks like there's only one station left...

Granite Sells Big Market Stations

This is from the "breaking news" section of Broadcasting & Cable...

Despite an attempt by one investor to block the deal, Granite Broadcasting has secured regulatory approval of the sale of two stations the company desperately needs to complete by next Friday to avoid Chapter 11. The Federal Communications Commission Friday signed off on the transfer of its WB affiliates WDWB Detroit and KBWB San Francisco.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What Would Mr. Belding Do?

This is news from back home... I'm not even sure what to think...

Heard about this on the Greg and Dan show recently. It seems Dustin Diamond, the guy who played "Screech" on "Saved By The Bell" has hit some hard times and could lose his house... according to his website. He's selling t-shirts to help save his house.

Apparently this honked off some guy who has started his own anti-Screech website.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Broken News

Former WMBD general manager Bill Lamb weighs in on the use of the term "breaking news." I've actually thought this since 1993. It's an entertaining read and the subject of an Open Line post as well.

Party Time, Excellent In Miami

It's Dwayne's World, as in Dwayne Wade's NBA title. I'm a big sports fan, but haven't been emotionally invested (read: really cared) in a championship game since the Packers lost to the Broncos. I've been a big Wade fan since the Great Alaska Shootout his first year at MU. Thrilled to see him win a title.

Hopefully, someone at my alma mater is working on an ad campaign, starring former Marquette star Wade... ads to be well placed... like on the NBA Draft next week... something many undecided high school stars are watching.

Monday, June 19, 2006

To Have And To Hold, In Sickness And In Ratings Periods

More HOI related news...

Former main anchor Frank Vascellaro is back in the saddle. After leaving KARE-TV in December, Frank will soon be anchoring the 6:00 with his wife, Amelia Santaniello at WCCO-TV.

Tim Signs On

Tim McGinnis officially hit the MARKET 117 airwaves tonight. Shannon and I got a chance to meet Tim and his wife as they were house hunting a couple of weeks ago. A really nice couple... hope they feel at home here right away.

Nick At Nite In Seattle

Congrats to Nick Stroman, Assignment Editor at WHOI on his impending move to the desk at the FOX affiliate in Seattle. I have the details somewhere, but can't find the e-mail. Efforting... as the cool kids/feed producers say.

Father's Day

Father's Day is so sweet when your kids are too young to buy you anything. My oldest can't cook, but poured me a bowl of cereal. And my gift was a bound book of pictures the two older ones drew of things they like to do with daddy.

We had dinner with friends Friday night... all four couples have kids (now three) who were born within a month of one another. It's amazing to see how fast and how much they've grown.

Had a family get together on Saturday... Shannon's dad's side... I commented to one of my relatives, while watching all the little ones, that one day, all these kids will be driving themselves to the family events.

I'm afraid to blink sometimes...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wade's World

Dwayne Wade = amazing.

Though he struggled with his shot through the first three quarters, he ended with 43 points and something like 20 in the 4th quarter/OT.

I don't think anyone should be comparing him to Jordan like the "media" is doing this week, but this Marquette grad (shameless plug) is putting on one heck of a show.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Krystal Moves On

According to the WMBD blog, Krystal Morris has moved back to Chicago.

Mrs. Blogger

Amidst all the bad press, my wife has started a my space page. Now we'll spend time across the room from each other... not talking.

Good Sports Week

Watching World Cup when I got a chance... the US really stunk up the joint. And I think this really hurt... because the casual viewer isn't going to come back to see them on Saturday.

Amazing comeback by the Miami Heat, led my Marquette grad Dwayne Wade on Tuesday night. Although, I have to say the end had a little WWF feel with David Stern playing the role of Vince McMahon. A 90% free throw shooter misses, breathing life into a series that would have tanked in the rating faster than a speeding bullet (Superman plug). Not that I think the NBA is rigged, but Hollywood would have struggled to write that ending.

So Some People Were Leaving

before the encore.

Mostly members of the older crowd... no biggie. But then I started thinking. In music for I don't know how long now, it's just assumed that an act does an encore. Way, way back in the day, I want to think encores were done when the crowd really wanted one and was going crazy... but now it's just something everyone does.

Fine. But what if, and I'm not saying I felt this way at Sheryl Crow, cause I didn't, but what if no one clapped and screamed. Would the band just call it a night? Would they be bummed out or not care?

Just wondering...

Evening With Sheryl

Went to the Sheryl Crow concert with some friends tonight. Great time. On the way home, Shannon and I were talking about how she just exudes cool and sexy and just screams "strong woman."

I love that she plays guitar and piano and is much more a musician than many of the teeney boppers that are making big money nowadays.

I know most casual listeners know the song "All I Wanna Do..." but really, I think that may be one of the worst songs she does. She has a strong voice and great range it's mostly talking. But it opened doors for her, so I guess she can't totally abandon it, right?

Long Time, No Blog

I know... I've been bad about this. Just having trouble getting back into the swing...