Sunday, April 30, 2006

Paul Lands In Phoenix

Former WHOI anchor Paul Ferrante is settling in to life in Phoenix. He turned down a job at one of the local affiliates to report and produce for Phoenix 11, the city of Phoenix's TV channel. They cover general city news (like parks, water and transit issues). It gives him the best of both worlds - working in broadcasing and a normal dayside schedule.

Congrats, Paul!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

We Can Do It

Big week for the Can Do 4:13 Scholarship Fund I volunteer with. Our arts sale was Friday night and it was a huge success. Thanks to Garry Moore for making an appearance and Krystal Morris for hosting the evening.

Our founder Jen was a guest on WMBD TV and WMBD radio... I did a guest spot on the WEEK noon show.

Click the link to see the video I wrote/produced. Special thanks to Dane Firkus for shooting and Dana Anderson for editing.

And congrats to Jen on being awarded this year's Children's Hospital/Christine Zak-Edmonds award for child advocacy.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gehly Moves On

Steve Gehlbach moves from freelancing in Tampa to full time in Orlando. He's now a reporter at WOFL, the FOX affiliate just outside the house of Mouse.

WMBD News Director To Go Corporate

Nexstar has promoted WMBD News Director Chris Manson to Vice President of News. Congrats, Chris! I included Chris in an old post about six degrees.

From Business Wire

Nexstar Broadcasting Names Chris Manson Vice President of News; Twenty-Five Year Broadcasting Veteran to Oversee Nexstar's Leading Local News Franchises
IRVING, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 2006--Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXST) announced today that Christopher Manson, 46, has been named Vice President of News. Mr. Manson will report to Nexstar Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Perry A. Sook.
Mr. Sook commented, "Achieving excellence in local news programming is a core focus at Nexstar. As a result, the Company's local news programs are rated first or second in 75% of our markets and represent an important resource for viewers and valuable medium for advertisers. As an award-winning journalist and news professional, Chris Manson brings a career of distinguished accomplishment to his new role. We are confident that his depth of industry experience will be valuable in our continued focus on elevating our news franchises."
Chris Manson brings twenty-five years of broadcast experience to his new position. He joined Nexstar in 1999 with responsibility for overseeing news programming at the Company's CBS television station in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania market. In 2000 he was appointed News Director at WMBD (CBS) and WYZZ (FOX) in Peoria, Illinois. WMBD's news, weather and sports programming is regarded as the most honored in the market and in this year's Illinois Broadcasters Association annual awards, the station was nominated for twelve awards in ten categories including best news anchor, best daytime newscast, best early evening newscast, best reporting on hard news, best non-public affairs program and best sportscast. The station also earned nominations for best editorial, best commercial produced on behalf of an advertiser, best self-promotion campaign and best self-promotion using another media.
Mr. Manson began his broadcast career with the American Forces Radio and Television Service, serving in both Japan and Greece. Following his military service, he began his commercial broadcast career in the Monterey-Salinas, CA market. He has worked at both FOX and CBS affiliates as an assignment editor, producer, executive producer, and assistant news director.
Mr. Manson stated, "Nexstar is committed to producing quality newscasts in the communities it serves. I look forward to working closely with Nexstar's dedicated news professionals in each market and extending the company's track record of news leadership."
In 1986 Chris Manson graduated first in his class at The Pennsylvania State University, earning Phi Beta Kappa distinction and BA degrees with Distinction in Journalism and Middle Eastern History. While in Peoria, he served as a faculty member at Bradley University where he has taught writing and communications.

Moving H-E Double Hockey Sticks

I'm exhausted. We spent most of Sunday unloading the garage, bagging up garbage, then putting back the rest... although at least there is some order to it now. Need to do the same with the guest room... most likely on Friday. Just in time for company this holiday weekend. I want to get through everything, just don't have time.

Pekin girls road game in Macomb got me in to work early, on the bus by 2, back home at 10:15... up at 5:30 this morning, game tonight at Richwoods, then played indoor and actually ran a couple of times.

Thursday we travel to Galesburg for a game.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I got sucked in... Rudy is on HBO.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Speaking Of Hoops

Generally this is when I start watching the NBA... although I was actually watching a little last week cause I could watch it in HD.

Watching Shaun Livingston and the Clippers tonight... Shaun has five first quarter assists. I remember covering a game of his as a freshman and just marveling at his vision and passing ability. Hope he continues to grow as a player.

College Hoops Final Thoughts

Great NCAA men's tournament... until the final four. Three brutally bad games. Very disappointing. The women's final made up for it. That three pointer from Tolliver from Maryland was killer.

Nice run by Bradley. I am not a bandwagon jumper... I made it to both the BU/ISU games... and as Josh Simon will tell you, I predicted a potential run in the NCAAs during the Valley tournament weekend. I'm not one of the people who thinks the Sweet Sixteen appearance will change everything... make them the midwest version of Gonzaga overnight... (read: Derrick Rose is not coming to Peoria, except for maybe a second IHSA title) but it is a great start and BU fans should soak it up for a while.

Soccer Season

Lots of people have been asking me about soccer... here's the short version.

My third year as girls soccer coach at Pekin High school is going well. We're having a lot of fun, but the makeup of the team is very different. Gone are the 12 seniors I started working with when I was volunteer. Gone is the only freshman I took to varsity last year... missing are three juniors who I had projected as starters.

So with only two starters from opening day last year, and, honestly not having a clue how we'd do once games started when asked by reporters from both local newspapers, I wasn't suprised when we were predicted for a last place finish in conference by the Journal Star.

As much as I don't like the term "rebuilding", we did lose a lot of experience.

Our first game was against Notre Dame, and as expected we lost. The score was 7-0, but there were some reasons to be hopeful. We had a few posessions that were made up of five, six, seven good touches... which is light years ahead of where we've been. Notre Dame has a great coach and a terrific team and despite what some are saying about some other teams, they're still the team to beat around here.

Our second game was against Washington. We beat them for the first time ever last year, but they proved to be much more confident offensively this year. They won 2-0, but it was 1-0 for 73 minutes and we had a few really good chances. We played a much better second half than we did the first, but all in all, I was very pleased with the progress we made.

Last night we played Central. During my first two years all the games with them have been close and we were only up 1-0 at half. Then, during a fifteen minute stretch, my girls put up five goals. It was a great win and I think the girls wanted to prove that at least as it comes to fighting for third in conference (ND and Richwoods dominate the top two spots) that reports of our demise aren't totally true. We didn't allow a shot on goal and everyone got a great deal of playing time.

Tomorrow we play Bloomington. They beat us pretty badly last year, but I'm hoping the strides were making in terms of controlling the ball will make it a more competitive game.

I'm Back... Sort Of... And We've Moved

Okay, I haven't posted in more than a week cause our internet access has been down. Got it taken care of with the phone tech tonight.

Where to begin... first of all, we're in. We spent all of last week moving. Monday and Tuesday it was boxes and things that should be in boxes. Wednesday the movers came for the big stuff. My friend Brett and I call this the idiot tax... which I gladly pay. Basically the idea is I'll pay for big movers so none of my friends get hurt moving a sleeper sofa or a washing machine.

Wednesday was also the day "it" arrived... "it" being the plasma HDTV... my only real contribution to the house. If you were following along, Shannon took care of everything else and the house is terrific.

On Thursday, our friend Kep brought his tools and his handiness and installed the bracket... and our evening ended with the TV on the wall. Shannon and her friend Ashley finished cleaning at the old house.

Friday, we moved the last couple of loads to the new house and left the old one for the last time, as the new owners took posession that afternoon. It was suprisingly emotional, but it was our first home... the one we brought our three kids home to.

Of course, now, five days later we're in the midst of moving hell. The kitchen and living room, where we're spending most of our time, are pretty much set. But we have wall to wall boxes in our guest bedroom, garage and basement. You can't find anything. Heck, on Monday morning, I couldn't find my shoes for work for a while.

I'm hoping to get through most of this by clearing everything out to the driveway on Sunday after the storms have passed... I'm hoping at the very least to have everything in "staging areas" after this weekend. We'll see.

Thanks to the Lambes, Goudies, Greshams and Josh and all the family that lent helping hands.