Monday, March 27, 2006

On Vacation

Vacation started Friday night with a trip up to Milwaukee after practice. Took the two big kids to my parents... I had a soccer clinic in northern Illinois this weekend.

Got to spend Saturday night with the Scheuers and TOB... for those of you down here... they're all doing well. Went to Dave and Busters... good times. I'm not much into video games, but there was this giant trivia thing that had a game show feel.

Not a lot of sleep this weekend... up at 5:15 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, eleven hours of driving... and of course now I can't sleep.

I'm off all this week for the big move. Wish us luck... oh and if you have a truck or SUV and want to help on Monday or Tuesday, we'd love the help. E-mail me.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vote For Mac Or Bob?

Andrea Zinga, former anchor from the Quad Cities is running for Congress again, against long time incumbent Lane Evans. She's not the first... another former TV personality, Mark Baker took his shot a few years back.

So it begs the question. How much does can the exposure of TV news play into an election. I know Baker and Zinga had strong followings, but does that extend to a race as big as congress? I have friends who've done it on a smaller level. Former 31 and 25er Shelli Dankoff got elected to school board in Washington last year. Adam Nielsen, formerly of 25, has been a fixture on the Normal Town Council since I left TV in 2001.

If your candidate is a Mac or a Larson, someone who has been in front of a big chunk of voters for 30+ years, would that swing more people in a bigger election? How much is name recognition alone worth? Don't know... just wondering...

Snow Sucks

No soccer practice today as school was canceled in Pekin. Good cause I was able to catch up on a lot of stuff at work. Bad cause we have our first game next week, provided we get rid of this snow.

Thankfully we've worked out a deal to practice at the Dome the next couple of nights.

Election Night

Election nights in TV news are a lot of fun. A lot of adrenaline... a lot going on... strong anchors with lots of perspective on the races shine, while others who don't know a lot of the names struggle to show their authority. Also lots of reading full screens on the fly... good times.

Shannon freelances on election nights at 25... nice way to keep in touch, keep sharp, see old friends and get some adult conversation. I skip these nights and instead hang with the kids and flip when the 10 comes on.

Nice to see Matt Jones doing commentary on 19, funny to a few of us cause his wife does the weather on 25. Rough spot on set when the other analyst, Jim Thomas' cell phone kept ringing. Guh. Nice job by Josh Brogadir live at the UAW hall.

I like 31's use of reporters... breaks things up well.

Airwaves Lose, Hurting Too

Airwaves lost a tough one tonight, 7-6. Just a couple of minutes into the game, some clown takes both my legs out and I land on my back. I should have stopped then, but of course I kept playing. I finished with four, but ran out of gas and missed the tying breakaway.

Towards the end, another one of their players take one of our women out at the knee, and shoves her into the wall. She's on the ground, rolling around in pain while a bunch of us saw him smirk about it. One of their better players apologized after the game, saying the guy who did it never played before. Well, I guess that makes it okay. Its not like common sense would tell you that's not right, but whatever. Don't know how she'll do at work tomorrow, but she couldn't walk after the game.

I'm icing my back now... can't reach forward or pick anything up which isn't good as we continue to move. I'm sure work will be fun for me too. I love people who hack without getting the ball. It makes playing so rewarding.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Of course all the other teams I've been pulling for are out already, but the Braves are still making a heck of a run. I just called Josh who is on the verge of a heart attack in press row... what an amazing game for a Bradley alum to be covering.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

16 for 16... Maybe

I don't generally like to count my chickens... but if Washington hangs on to win, I will have picked all 16 games correctly in today's first round. Of coure it's "just for fun" on Sportsline.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Soccer Season Starts

Year three as head coach of the Pekin Girls Soccer team has started. Tryouts were last week and practice has been going since Friday.

This year will be a little different in terms of the makeup of my team. Having lost 13 players from last year's squad and having three juniors (including two I thought would start) not come out we're really going to have to work on chemistry. For the first time, I'm taking more than one freshman to varsity. Actually I'll have seven. But they're enthusiastic and love soccer and so far seem to be getting along with their older teammates.

March Rules

Looking forward to the tournaments... college and AA high school... this weekend. Don't know when I'll have time to enjoy a big chunk of games, but this is the best time of year to be a basketball fan. I'm pulling for Marquette, Illinois, Bradley, Wisconsin and Wisconsin-Milwaukee.. plus any seed 12 or lower.

Airwaves Win

Tuesday Airwaves got back on the winning track after losing our first game of the year last week. Last Tuesday, Bart, Trey, Michelle, Theresa, Lauren and I were all missing in action (it was our second night of tryouts at the high school). We lost 7-4.

This week, we had most of our players back and won a hard fought 3-1 game. I had one, Jose had one and Lauren had the goal of the game... a hard shot to the upper left from distance on the right side. Glen was awesome in goal, but as a whole we were out of sync, with most of us coming off a three to four week layoff. Good game, though.

Thursday team lost last week... the other team had some kind of amazing college player who scored six goals in the first ten minutes. I had two and Jenni Schoon filling in for us scored two to make it closer, 11-6. If you haven't seen Jenni play for Morton or ICC, you're missing out. She is one heck of a player.

Long Time No Blog

It's been more than a week, I know.

This is my first free minute. I've added new duties at work, been working with two incredibly talented video people - Dane Firkus and Dana Anderson on a video for the upcoming Can Do event, did a week of soccer tryouts and now into the first full week of practice... oh yeah... and we're getting ready for the big move.

I'm going to try to get back to regular posting, but I've been so busy, I haven't even been able to keep track of the days.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Local Academy Winner

Congratulations to Woodruff and Bradley grad Tami Lane for winning the Oscar for Best Makeup for "The Chronicles of Narnia."

Tryouts Tomorrow

I really tried to enjoy Friday because it was my last "normal" day for the next two and a half months. Soccer season starts tomorrow with tryouts. This means getting in early to my day job and working late on practice and game nights.

This is going to be a little different this year... for the first time since I've taken over the program, I won't have a lot of girls who played varsity the previous year coming out for the team. We graduated 12 seniors and lost the only freshman who made varsity last year got into the math and science academy in Aurora.

Still, I'm excited for the season to start. Coaching continues to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Bradley On The Bubble

Watched the Bradley game today. First half was fine, but the first ten minutes of the second half were painful. Hopefully they haven't played themselves out. I think they're in, but they've got to hope teams that wouldn't make it otherwise don't win their conference tournaments this week.

If UW-Milwaukee loses, not a big deal cause Horizon will only get one anyway, but a team like Gonzaga were to lose, the WCC gets two and that's one less slot for the Braves. ESPN had them in as an 11 seed before the loss to Southern.

I'd love to see them go. I know lots of Bradley fans and it would mean so much to them.

Reese Rocks

For those who were making fun of my thing for "Legally Blonde" and Reese Witherspoon, please refer to her as Academy Award Winner Reese Witherspoon from now on.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Changing Of The Guard At HOI

A main anchor is just that. They are the most recognizable face of a local TV station. So it is fairly significant in TV circles when a main anchor leaves the market.

So I'd like to wish WHOI anchor Paul Ferrante the best of luck as he moves on from MARKET 117. Paul's wife got a job in Phoenix and he has a couple of leads on TV jobs. It'll be a homecoming of sorts as he went to Arizona State.

And like me, he came to Peoria for his career... but left with a wife.

Friday night is his last show.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Congrats, Big Daddy

"Yo baby..."

Congrats to WMBD Chief Photographer Bill Marshall who is retiring after 38 years. I have great memories of playing chess with Bill... just never beating him.

Best of luck my friend.


Good news for us... our house sold today, just three days after we got our first offer... although it was six months since we listed.

A friend of mine once told me, when you're looking for jobs, it's nice if everyone wants to hire you, but you can only take one job.

Selling a house has kind of been like that... you want to get a lot of offers... but in the end you can and only need to sell it to one person.