Monday, October 31, 2005

The Owner and Steve

If only he knew what you and Michael have in common. Posted by Picasa

That's former WMBD photographer Steve Scheuer on the left with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf. Actually, Jerry is recruiting Steve to be the Bulls third point guard... but only if he can shed a couple pounds.

Congrats Monica

Congrats to Monica Landeros who will be leaving WHOI and going to WLUK in Green Bay (the Packers' flagship station no less).

Monica is also a blogger and a marathon runner for those of you who don't know. Best of luck in all three pursuits.

Hat tip to Bill Dennis.

Technology Today

So here's a scene for you. In one window, I had my Market 117 fantasy league... but minimized so my son could play a game on PBS At the same time, he's talking to my brother on my cell phone.

And here... my parents wouldn't even let us have Atari.

How Come?

How come everyone in the NFL always thinks they're being interfered with?

Trick Or Treat

We went trick or treating earlier in the evening. Mr. E was Buzz Lightyear. He was so excited about going out this year. He'd run across lawns to get to doors. It's so neat to do this kind of stuff with someone who finds it so exciting.

I think this is why little kids have so much energy. Not much is all that boring yet. So much to learn and see and do.

Jamal Lewis Fumbles... Edgar Celebrates

That's two points for my defense.

It has actually been a good football weekend for me. I've won two games and have a chance to win a third.

In the Market 117 league, I started the night up 9 points. My opponent/brother has Pittsburgh's Willie Parker and I have the Steelers defense.

The team I share with Bill Fischer... we have the Baltimore defense and have already beaten the first place team.

The team Josh and I share... I think has already won.

So The Nice Thing Is...

You can track your fantasy team(s) while you're out. The bad thing is when you (me in this case) actually feel the need to do so. It is a sickness, I know. I'll be getting some help in the off season.

Remote Blogging

I'm out tonight... and this is my first post in a restaurant. Josh, the big boy and I are taking in Monday Night Football at the "new" Old Chicago. Another step in my evolution as a blogger.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Little Nuzzo

Not that the original is very big though, right?

Congrats to new mom, Aimee Nuzzo, on the arrival of Lily Katherine!

Limping Towards The Finish Line

This blog is about to celebrate its first anniversary, but as you can see, I'm limping towards the finish line.

I've just been so preoccupied with so many other things... health, house, work... organizing indoor soccer and my three fantasy football teams.

Still watching the news, still have odd thoughts to share... just don't feel like writing. I'll try today if it strikes me.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Soccer Season Ends

A belated congrats to both Airwaves teams. The Analog team finished on a high note winning 3-0 for their fourth win of the year.

The Digital team defeated the only team we had lost to 4-0 to essentially claim first place in the "B" league.

Co-ed indoor soccer starts up soon. Interested newsies can e-mail me.

Having A Good Day

Nothing earthshattering... just a day alone with my kids.

Shannon had a fundraiser this morning and is now off to Champaign for homecoming. So it's me and my three...

For anyone who thinks staying home is easy... it isn't. The second you have taken care of one, the second kid needs something and then the baby needs something and back to the first... and so on. No time for you... no time to get much done around the house. Days like this make me appreciate my wife even more.

Having a good day... played Candyland and catch.... the older two got to jump in piles of leaves. A decent lunch (subs) and now some cartoons. With the baby napping, I actually got a moment to document.

Now they're making funny faces in a mirror.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Stupid Software

I lost out in the last few seconds on a Dora costume for my little girl. As an E-bay novice, Shannon explained to me that despite having a good computer and a high speed connection, there is software out there that will bid in the last two seconds and win out every time.

So I'll be back bidding this afternoon... but as my friends know, I'm very competitive and hate to lose... so I needed to win something this morning.

Won the baby a Care Bear at WalMart... from one of those claw games. Cost me $2, so I came out ahead. It's a sickness... I know.

Friday, October 14, 2005

A Family Has Gotta Eat

Thanks to WMBD's Brad Harding for his hospitality tonight. The Sandovals were shopping for Halloween costumes and stopped in to the Q Smokehouse Buffet for a little dinner.

Really good BBQ and a wide range of sides awaits you. Bring an appetite and a bib... you'll need both.

Gobble, Gobble

On our trip to California, my friend Cassady introduced me to Turkey bacon. Good times.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Long Time Listener...

I called in to the Greg and Dan show the other morning. With a name like "Edgar"... in a small town it's kind of like being named "Sting" or "Bono." (On a side note, when looking up names for our first, we found a book that listed "Edgar" as one of the names that is so far gone, it'll never come back.)

Anyway, they were talking about "guy" movies that when they come on, you just have to watch. And of course people called in with "Animal House" and "Tommy Boy" and "The Magnifient Seven"... all movies I would stop to watch.

I called in with two and set them up pretty good. I dropped "The Fujitive" and described what I liked about it... then out of left field shared one of my guilty pleasures: "Legally Blonde." Brought the bit to a screeching halt.

Greg called me after the show this morning... he described it as "radio gold." Cause apparently they got into another bit toward the end of today's show... related to looting... and if some kind of disaster happened in Peoria, where would you loot (this was a joke, to be clear). Someone called in and said they'd do Gander Mountain, but "if I was Edgar... Jeffery Alans."


Monday, October 10, 2005

Fantasy Musings

This was one of those weeks that will make me only do two leagues instead of three next year. I had five players that scored for me and against me depending on the league.

So far I'm 3-2 in one league, 1-4 in another and 3-2 in the third. Priest Holmes had his bye week this week, so I was happy to win just one game minus my anchor.

Money, Money, Money

Had an interesting conversation with a reporter out of LA. Yes, when you move on to the really big markets, you make considerably more money than in the smaller ones. But if money is what you're after, be warned that the real money is still reserved for the front line people and how many slots are there per station?

This person wasn't complaining about the money, just pointing out that people in other industries in the same market with the same level of education and experience will make a lot more. Not that money is everything, but just something to think about.

I think J school profs across the country tell kids, if you want to be rich, don't do this... and the ones that don't... should.

So You Think Your Lead Stinks

Of course while on vacation, I sampled the news in the various markets.

While it is true that there is more compelling news to cover in bigger markets, some days even the big boys and girls have to grin and bear it.

On the night we spent in Anaheim, the lead story was actress Lindsey Lohan was in a car accident that wasn't cause by paparazzi, although they had been harassing her moments before and of course were all over the accident shortly after.

This story had live shots and sidebars depending on the station. Blech.

Vacation Day 8

No pictures from the last day. We got up at 6 Pacific to get to the airport by 7:15 for an 8:45 flight. But something was wrong with our plane and after several delays, we ended up rebooking for a noon flight. Unfortunately that meant missing our early flight into Peoria. So instead of getting back at 5:30 or so, we got back at 9:45. Not a big deal if it was just the two of us, but with three kids it was pretty hard.

Still they did pretty well and it was a great vacation.

Vacation Day 7

Ice Cream Posted by Picasa

That's my girl with Rebecca Somach (her Godmother) enjoying some ice cream at Ghiradelli's in San Francisco. We spent the day with Rebecca and her husband Josh. For those of you who know them, they're doing well and getting ready to move into a home in Sacramento.

Had a lot of fun catching up, including spending time at Pier 39 and seeing the Blue Angels practice for a weekend air show over the San Francisco bay.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Vacation Day 6

Hey, what about me? Posted by Picasa

Spent the day with of our friends from our old station there. She's had two kids since we left. We miss it there, but realize that it is so expensive and not very realistic to live there had we both stayed in television. Still a great place to visit and it does feel like home.

We went to Cannery Row, stopped at one of our old haunts and drove past our old apartments. Of course, like any busy day with kids, it should end with a bath and of course the baby wanted in.

Vacation Day 5

Fairytale Posted by Picasa

Spent a day in Los Angeles. We actually did something I would have never considered having lived there and having worked for a film company... we did one of those Hollywood tours. You know the kind that takes you past stars homes and famous sites.

Recognize the place in the picture? Look closely at the fire escape on the left.

Anyway, it was kind of cheesy, but still fun... except for the occasional child meltdown.

Met some friends for dinner at the C&O Trattoria in Venice. Great place if you ever get a chance. Really good Italian food. You can eat indoors our outdoors... draw on the tablecloth... they have their own homemade wine... and you're just a stones throw from the beach.

Vacation Day 4

Disney Posted by Picasa

That's our youngest giving kisses to Snow White. Disneyland (or Disneyworld) really is the happiest place on earth. We had been to Florida a couple times in the past few years, but really even the older two were too young to get it.

This time it was like being there for the first time. Every ride, every attraction... seeing it through the eyes of toddlers makes it for lack of a better word, magical.

Vacation Day 3

Beach Posted by Picasa

After meeting some TV friends for breakfast at my favorite SD breakfast place, Konos, we took the kids to the beach.

That's my brother on the left. My oldest just loved the beach. Our girl wasn't as big a fan... especially once she got doused by a wave.

Vacation Day 2

Baptism Posted by Picasa

The main purpose of our vacation was for me, as Godfather, to attend the baptism of my first niece. Baptisms are a pretty big deal in our family.

Like us, my sister and her husband are struggling to figure out how many kids they want to have, but if baby J is an indication, they're all going to be pretty cute.

Vacation Day 1

Luggage Posted by Picasa

This is what it looks like to travel with three kids to California for a week. And this was how I packed our rental car before realizing that I still had to put the stroller in there.

We checked seven things... four bags and three car seats. Thankfully everything got to sunny San Diego with us.

Airwaves Split

Tough game for the Digital Airwaves soccer team. They played one of the better teams in our league and lost 5-1.

Analog Airwaves won its game 7-2. I sat to start, but scored about 30 seconds after entering the game. Scored another a few minutes later. Really balanced game offensively as Jose, Noe, Trey, Bart and Lesley all scored in the win.

Just a couple thoughts on our game. Playing against hacks and whiners brings out the worst in me. I'll admit it. Not that their whole team was like this (most of them were cool) just a couple of guys.

Anyway, after scoring the first goal, I get the ball on a break. The defender starts screaming about offsides and instead of trying to actually defend the play, he just takes my legs out from behind, coming no where near the ball.

Later after, they misplay the ball, Noe scores and he gets tangled up with the goalie. As he tries to get up, the goalie drops an elbow to his back like a pro wrestler.

When this kind of crap happens it really honks me off. And then I turn into Mr. Attitude... talking endless trash... egging the jerks on after we score. Just my way of venting my frustration at this mentality that says trying to hurt people in a rec league is okay. Translation: we all have jobs that we have to go to on Monday and shouldn't have to do it so banged up.

I am not a very good player. I've got a bum knee and carrying 20 pounds more than I should be. If you can't guard me without hacking just to hack, stay home. If you can't stand being scored on... freakin play better.

I'm Back

Back home... back blogging.

I've been gone on vacation to California and while I had internet access... just didn't think it was worth getting on here.