Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yeah I Know

I've been ignoring the blog. We've been back in house mode... getting ready for our first open house tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Like A Proud Parent

Went to the ICC women's soccer game on Wednesday night. Three of the girls I used to coach are playing this year (two who graduated in the spring, one who played while I was a volunteer assistant).

It was just another game, I know, but I felt such a sense of pride seeing them out there.

Wamp - Public Restrooms

Luciano was talking a little bit about restrooms during his radio show this week. He and Markley were talking about people talking to you in the bathroom and which stall to pick among other things. Coincidentally, I was thinking about wamping about this, but just never got around to it.

Things I can't stand about public restrooms: why is it people can't lift up the seat when not using a urinal. Really? Is it that difficult. What are we, four? I guess I mean three cause my four year old lifts up the seat.

And cell phones. Really? Are there people who are so important that they can't answer nature's call without answering their cell phone? Finish your business. Then call them back. Sheesh.

Celebrating Anniversaries

This past week, Shannon and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. We had some friends watch the kids and snuck away to the frame of our new home to have dinner there.

Today, we'll be attending a party for her grandparents who are celebrating their 60th anniversary this month. Amazing.

FFL Update

So after winning all three games my first weekend, I lost all three, even though I was the second highest scoring team in two leagues. Went up against McNabb twice. It happens.

This week, in one of my leagues, I've gone with the big risk, big reward trade. I traded Thomas Jones and Trent Green for Daunte Culpepper and Roy Williams.

If Culpepper comes back close to what he was last year, it'll be a huge boost to my team. If not, I just got rid of my most productive back for nothing.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Universal Truths Of TV Markets

Jeff from the Peoria TV Stations blog and a poster from Champaign/Urbana have taken sides on which market is better, although later in the comment section Jeff seems to concede his take is more of being supportive of your home market. In another post, I see some people are weighing in on the comings (or lack of hirings) and goings.

Since college I've lived/worked in market #2, #33, #117, #125 (with access to watch stations in #6). Also got to semi-regularly watch #3 and #82 and sampled news from more than a dozen others because of travel for work. Just a few thoughts...

1. People think their market “plays bigger” than its market size. Some do. Some don't. But people generally like to think their's does.

2. The grass isn’t always greener and bigger isn't always better. You might get paid more. There might be a wider range of social options. But there are good and bad stations in bigger markets... and good and bad markets with bigger and smaller numbers.

3. A few people leave, everyone else thinks the sky is falling. But life goes on. See an old post of mine on the "circle of life" in local TV.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Celebration Time Come On

Congrats to the good folks at WJBC and all their alums. The station recently celebrated its 80th birthday. They are to the Twin Cities what 1470 is to this side of the market and maybe even more so as there is less of a television presence in Bloomington/Normal.

From Bill Flick's column

Those WJBC legends: If on the Bloomington Square tonight you see a "murderer's row" of such WJBC radio announcing alumni as, say, Ken Behrens, Marc Magliari and perhaps even Howard Packowitz, have your cameras positioned.
The gathering will be in honor of the 80th birthday of the legendary AM station, held at the Courthouse History Museum.
Tonight's event is invitation-only.
On Saturday, the station will host an open house for those of us who just listen to them talk into a microphone.
Also expected among alumni in a cavalcade of ex-wagging jaws and Sponsor Wheel spinners: Don Munson, Alan Sender, Stew Salowitz, Steve Vogel, Judy Markowitz, Lori Laughlin, Maggi Pratt, Adam Nielsen, Dick Luedke, Art Sechrest, Phil Supple, Dan Irvin and Don Newberg.
If that's not enough hot air to turn the courthouse's newly refurbished copper-top dome green again, it'll never happen.

Conflicted Football

As I've written before, this fantasy football season is one of much conflict. Today, one of my teams has Owens one has Westbrook and both my opponents have McNabb.

Home Team Makeover

Steve Tarter covers the new addition to WEEK's home team: WAOE. This isn't new territory as something similar took place with WMBD and WYZZ a few years back. I don't expect to see news on WAOE however.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Welcome Megan

I'm a little behind on this...

Welcome to WMBD's newest reporter, Megan Johnson. Megan (I assume) replaces Liza Danver who moved on to Evansville.

WMBD is still looking for another reporter to replace Kimberly Laburda.

Wamp - ATMs

In honor of Beth Peterson, I've decided to start a new category of posts - wamp.

Melanie Gregg, formerly of 1470, used to call it "taking over the world bank." What are people doing at the ATM that takes so freakin long? Why is this so hard for some people? I waited five minutes last night while someone was apparently attempting to try every transaction the machine offers. Five minutes isn't a big deal, but it is with three kids in the car.

And I'm not talking about people making a deposit. I'm talking about those with the confused look... like every trip to the ATM is a new adventure. Is it that they have no idea how much money is in there? Are they cross checking the braile to make sure it was done right? BTW braile at the drive up ATM is also scarry.

If I ruled the world (and I'm working on that) long ATMers would have stickers on their cars so the rest of us would know to go somewhere else.

Okay, done wamping.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

House Update

Framed Posted by Picasa

Shannon asked me for input on the cabinets. I said they need to be able to hold plates.

As you can see we've got windows and the roof is done.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

FFL Week 1

All three of my fantasy teams won over the weekend. I'm guessing that isn't going to happen very often and this whole rooting for and against the same players cause you have them in one league, but your opponent has them in another is very conflicting and irritating.

Good play of the week: (tie) despite what all the experts said, I benched Chris Brown for Thomas Jones. Jones scored a TD, Brown did not. Bill and I benched Ahman Green in favor of Brian Westbrook under suspicion that my Packers were going to stink it up. I was right.

Bad play of the week: playing Trent Green instead of Brian Griese or Tim Rattay. Who could have known the Chiefs would have such and easy week?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Airwaves vs. Airwaves 2005

Team Photo 2005 Posted by Picasa

The two teams I manage played soccer today. The Analog team won 4-0, although I think if both teams were at full strength, it would have been closer. I scored two, Noe scored one and Bart scored another.

As many of us have gotten to really know each other over the course of the last few years of having two teams playing outdoor and indoor, this was the most fun of the intrasquad games. Lots of laughing and good natured ribbing.

Trey takes a shot. Posted by Picasa

Glen makes a save. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Marigold Festival Weekend

This is one of my wife's favorite weekends every year. Friday night downtown... Art in the Park... catching up with old friends. As we drove towards the courthouse last night, my oldest says "are we going to the farmer's market?" I told him, "No buddy, tonight it's the Marigold Festival. It's only the farmer's market on Thursdays... through next week."

Not being from here, it isn't the same for me. Growing up in Milwaukee, the big thing was Summerfest. Great music with the best local and regional bands as well as many big name national acts, although I think in recent years, the names haven't been as big. Lots of great food and drink... and lots of good memories. I think a few years back, people who had met there years before, were even getting married there.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Musings From Morton

A former MARKET 117er has started a blog and I just wanted to give it/him a plug.

Employees First

Markley and Luciano had one of the owners of CSE Software in Morton on their show on my way home. I read Phil's column earlier in the day and really like this story. In fact, I think former 19 and 31er Charlie Whiteman's wife, Cindy works for this company.

They gave all their employees a $50 gas card to help with the recent spike in gas prices and will give any of them who want to help with the hurricane relief effort a paid week off to do so.

I know not all companies can afford to do such things, but lots of credit to companies that can and do.

Compelling Stories

Still watching a lot of the New Orleans coverage with great interest. Starting to watch localized coverage. If they post it online at, check out Melissa Dunton's story on the use of the word "refugee."

I had this thought earlier this week. I think some of the more compelling stories we'll hear will come out years from now... having to do with people who survived and decided to not just start over as many are doing, but leave behind their identities.

What happened was a horrible tragedy to be sure, but for some it could mean a "do over" on life.


Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who still eats Mr. Goodbar candy bars. They're not always easy to find individually and they don't package them by themselves for Halloween.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Up On The Housetop

Roofless No More Posted by Picasa

A really good week at our future home. As you can see, our crew is making a lot of progress on the roof.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Let The Trash Talking Begin

It might just happen over e-mail, but this is the week when the two soccer teams I manage end up giving each other some good natured ribbing and share a little smack.

This Sunday, the Digital Airwaves (1-3) take on the Analog Airwaves (2-1). This is by far the game where we have the most fun, as you don't run into the stray "clown" who thinks the MLS scouts are at Bielfeldt looking for an enforcer. No matter what the teams records are, this game is always competitive and full of laughing and smiles.

FFL Recap

These fantasy football posts may just be for the people in my leagues and Eric Peterson, but whatever.

For the first time, I'm in three leagues... one I'm running (Market 117, formerly the WEEK alumni league), a second one where I'm sharing a team with Bill Fischer (league run by former 25er Adam Nielsen) and a third one where I'm sharing a team with Josh Simon (league run by current 31er Dave Tomlianovich).

Somehow, I've ended up with Priest Holmes on all three teams. If he goes down, it'll take some pretty shrewd moves to stay competitive. I've TO, Gonzo, M. Hasselbeck, Pennington, Wilkins and Ahman Green (although I think he's on his way down) on two teams.

My teams in the first two leagues are pretty good, but in the third, a six team league, I think we have a potential winner. In a league this small, you'll all get really good running backs, but Josh and I were able to draft three of the consensus top five/six receivers (Owens, Holt and J. Walker) as well as Tony Gonzalez. Leagues are rarely won on draft day, but I think Josh and I have a great start.

Anyway, this may be too much to keep track of, but I'm going to give it a shot... at least this year.

Ivra Bassett Checks In

Former WHOI reporter Ivra Bassett checks in via e-mail.

He is a marketing consultant with a company calledEdVenture Partners. They run on-site college internships for companies including some Fortune 100's.

Ivra now lives in sunny San Diego, where I'm actually headed next month.

I'll update him in the "Where Are They Now" section eventually.

Gehly On The Go

Talked to Steve Gehlbach last week. He is of course taking part in the Market 117 fantasy football league, but more importantly he's on the move. Steve and Christi have moved on from Knoxville to sunny Tampa where he's doing some freelance reporting. I would expect it is just a matter of time before he is full time at one of the stations there.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Joys Of Fatherhood

Sawing logs Posted by Picasa

What I wouldn't give for the baby to be sleeping as pictured. He's not. And as you can see by the post time it is about 4AM on my day off.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Looking For Liza

A number of people have been looking for Liza Danver via Google and ended up here. Looks like she ended up in Evansville. Congrats, Liza!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

What A Difference...

Now if I could just get my car back... Posted by Picasa

A couple of days makes. As you can see, I now have a place to park. But for those of you who hadn't heard... I've been car less for a week. When I got home from soccer on Sunday, I put it in park, then turned the key and pulled it out. But the car was still running. Apparently a part broke off... a part that needed to come from Mississippi. The guys who fix my car apparently received the wrong part from folks down there, but I'm guessing they have a lot other things on their minds, so I'm not in that big a hurry.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Home Sweet Construction Site

Second Floor Posted by Picasa

As you can see, the house is progressing nicely. This was from a few days ago and tomorrow you'll see how much they've done since then. Got a chance to meet the crew doing the framing... great bunch of guys.

More Second Floor Posted by Picasa

New Orleans Coverage

To be honest, I haven't been watching a lot of local news during my blogging hiatus. When I am watching news, it has been cable coverage of what's going on in New Orleans. Shannon has had it on a lot during the day.

Just watched a pretty powerful piece from former MARKET 117er Martin Savidge. His end track, under video of grief and desperation really summed it up for me:
This is not Iraq, this is not Somalia. This is home.

All this is still so unbelievable to me. So much of what we've been seeing are pictures of people in situations that, more often than not, I think viewers here are desensitized to... because it's usually happening somewhere else... somewhere far away.

I've only been to New Orleans once. It is a town steeped in tradition and history, shrouded in the mysterious... a place known for letting loose and embracing life. To see it like this is something I don't think we could have imagined, even when the warnings of Katrina were coming down. Damage to property was expected, but I'm seeing a spirited city broken and I wonder how they'll recover.

Sports Galore

I had the fantasy draft for the Market 117 Fantasy Football League. I think I did pretty well. Priest Holmes was my keeper, then grabbed Terrell Owens (high risk/high reward) with my second pick and Chris Brown in the third round.

Trent Green was my fourth pick. I have this theory I'm putting to the test this year. I know there are some who play this game who like to go for a QB/WR tandem... so if there is a TD toss between the two, you get 12 points for one touchdown. I'm going with Holmes/Green a QB/RB combo in what might be the highest scoring offense in the league. This way (provided they both, especially Holmes, stay healthy) whenever their offense scores (banking that Larry Johnson doesn't get too much red zone duty) either through the air or on the ground, I will get those points. We'll see how it works.

Picked up Steve Smith in round 5 and rounding out my starting lineup are TE Jason Witten, K Todd Peterson (Atlanta, indoors) and D/ST Pittsburgh.

I've got five starters who may have injury concerns, but if they're lucky healthwise, I should be in pretty good shape.

In soccer news... the Analog Airwaves won 2-1 over the weekend. I scored one early, then stupidly went 1 on 3. Somehow after getting by the defenders, I got tangled up with the goalie and went flying. The three of them either got in each others way or just misplayed the ball because it ended up with our other forward at the time, Lauren, who blasted it home for our second goal.

I ended up with a bruised up left thigh, a pulled right groin and sore ankles... but as those of you who have a passion for sports know, it hurts less when you win.

The Digital team went up 1-0 early, but ended up losing 4-1.

No games this weekend due to the holiday, but look for info on what, if I were a wrestling promoter like Chad Dillefeld or Vince McMahon, I would bill as "Clash of the Airwaves" coming September 11th.

I'm Back... Sort Of

Busy, busy, busy times... but as the former Beth Krug likes to say... good times.

My diet is over for the most part... I've stopped keeping track.

For those of you who know us, our current house has never looked better. Not even when we first moved in. We've replaced carpet and had the rest cleaned. We've painted (okay, Shannon has painted), changed light fixtures, moved dozens of boxes to storage, rearranged furniture and we've had two realtors show the house. Still need to do some things before an open house, but we've done so much. it'll kind of be sad to leave.

What else... met with my new athletic director and got to see the boys soccer team play.

My daughter took her first dance class.

A friend of mine from my small work group moved to a new job (congrats, Romeo).

We've got a family reunion this weekend, which is why I'm only sort of back.