Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Hello faithful readers...

We're pretty busy trying to get our house ready to show, plus I've got Can Do and prep for three fantasy leagues.

This all after the kids and work... and the blog takes a back seat.

I'll stop by if I get a break.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Auction Draft

I'm not exactly sure how Bill and I fared in yesterday's draft. We overspent to get Priest Holmes ($40 out of $100), but only spent $9 on QBs Hasselbeck, Pennington and Brooks.

We picked up Ahman Green for $12, although to be honest, I'm not sure how he's going to do this year. Brian Westbrook at $5 could be a steal.

Our receivers are okay, but we did pick up Tony Gonzalez. All in all, we felt pretty good, but being new to this style of drafting, we'll see how it pans out.

Diet Days 20 and 21

Day 20

breakfast - none

lunch - ham and cheese sandwich, fries, coke

dinner - cheese burger, hot dog, chips, potato salad, water, beer

Okay, so it took 20 days, but I finally gave in and had a burger. But we were at a friend's cookout and I love burgers off the grill.

Day 21

breakfast - none

lunch - turkey and cheese sandwich, chips, coke

dinner -

Airwaves Lose

The Analog team played a good game, but we just couldn't finish and lost 2-0. I'm old.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Fantasy Season Begins

I'm in three leagues this year after swearing I'd never do this. My first draft is today and it'll be a new experience for me as Bill Fischer and I are sharing a team in a league that does an auction style draft.

The Market 117 draft will be next Saturday night and my last league drafts on Labor Day. We'll see how it goes, but the inherent problem is that ineveitably you'll end up with different players in each of the leagues and you'll end up rooting for and against them as some will be owned by opponents in the different leagues. This may be the first and last time I attempt this.

Can Do

The Can Do 4:13 Scholarship Fund is dedicated to providing $1,000 scholarships to the 2002-2003, 2003-2004, and the current 2004-2005 fourth grade classes at Peoria, IL's Irving Primary School. The "Can Do Kids" have been challenged to graduate from high school. They will receive the $1,000 Can Do 4:13 Scholarship once they enroll at an accredited post secondary education institution. Examples of those institutions might include a university, college, technical training school, junior or business college, or even cosmetology school.

As some of you know, I do some volunteer publicity work for the Can Do 4:13. Our big event for the year is next Saturday, so if you're looking for a good cause, and/or a reason to go for a scenic walk on the 27th... join us at Tower Park in Peoria Heights next week at 9AM. The walk will take place along Grandview Drive.

Thanks to Kevin Harlan, Brent Lonteen, Krystal Morris, Kirby Matthews and everyone at WMBD for stepping up and sponsoring the event. These are some really great kids and they got a chance to be part of a promo you may have seen recently (and got a tour of the station afterwards). Thanks also to Jim McComb Chevrolet for giving the kids chance to be on live this morning and used some of their morning Sell Down Saturday segment on WEEK to give the walk a free plug.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Market 117 Fantasy Football League

Hey newsies, e-mail me if you're interested in joining the Market 117 Fantasy Football League. It looks like we've got ten teams so far, but as commissioner, I'll go as high as 16.

Working Without Prompter

WMBD apparently had the wrong show in prompter for the first several stories. It was fixed by the time they got to the Vioxx story. Amy handled it really well. First of all she realized after reading the first sentence that the wrong show was loaded. She worked well from scripts for the next bunch.

This is one of those things that for an anchor is actually a good thing once in a while. Of course you always want the right show loaded, but having to deal with a little on the job adversity keeps you on your toes and ready to deal should the prompter go down in the middle of a show or something.

Good Bye... Heart Of Illinois

As Jeff's blog has been reporting since Wednesday, Jill Wunrow is leaving WHOI. A tipster sent me an e-mail on this yesterday and I found out tonight what her future plans are, but I'll let that be official before I share that (or Jill, while we've only met once, if you'd like to e-mail me that it is cool to share, you can do that via the address up top).

Update: Jill is moving back to Wisconsin to be the weekend sports anchor at WSAW in Wausau. Like me, she's a big Packers fan and she'll live one of my dreams, to cover the green and gold. It is too bad it didn't work out the way she had hoped here, but this is a great move for her. Congrats, Jill!

Diet Days 18 and 19

day 18

breakfast - bagel, water

lunch - lasagna, water

dinner - chicken nuggets, fries, coke

day 19

breakfast - doughnut, water

lunch - chicken parm sandwich, onion rings, coke

dinner - pizza, water

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Lot Of Progress In A Couple Of Days

Shannon on the basement stairs Posted by Picasa

Our pile of dirt which became a basement recently is looking a lot more like a house as you can see. That wall behind Shannon will one day be home to a plasma HDTV in plenty of time for football season next year.

More progress Posted by Picasa

Diet Day 17

breakfast - grapes, corn flakes, water

lunch - turkey sandwich, chips, coke

dinner - BBQ, Sweet and Sour, Teriyaki chicken, two kinds of rice, fries, garlic bread, fortune cookie, coke... and I'm still hungry...

Some Days...

Number Three Posted by Picasa

are just a little rougher than others.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Looking Forward To Sunday

Sunday marks my return to the soccer field. I played a couple of times indoor and scrimmaged a few times while I coached this spring/summer, but for the most part I've been staying off my bum wheel.

But I love this time of year and I love this league. I started the Airwaves in 2000 when I was still anchoring weekends at 25. I had barely touched a ball in five years at that point. I quote/paraphrase Jonathan Ahl once a year when talking about this... "it's like being a kid again." Jon and I are the only two who have played all six years and for the past three seasons we've fielded two teams.

We play for fun and the rules I put forth that first year were simple: have fun, no one yells at anyone for making a mistake, and don't get hurt. It's that third one people have had trouble with :)

This league is perfect for my limited abilities. I'm not in good shape, what skill I once had has for the most part left me, and don't shoot particularly hard or well. But the field is so small and I can still change directions faster than most, that I will still score in bunches. My plan this year is to play as a sub when needed and from what I heard of our first game, that might not be very often.

Most of the teams/people in the league are pretty cool which makes it fun. There are a couple of clowns who seem to think hurting/hacking others is the way to handle getting beat, but they are in the minority.

Man Cannot Lose Weight By Diet Alone

I lost 13 pounds over the holidays last year. I was down to 147. The difference was I was riding an exercise bike 60 minutes a day. And I all but cut out carbs.

I'm going to guess those who know me (who read this thing) are wondering why I think I need to lose weight. Cause to be honest, you're not going to look at me and say boy, he could stand to lose a few.

But 160-163 is what I'm back up to... and at my height, it's not a good weight. I could feel the difference at 147. It's not like I'm one of those people who really believes in the BMI... that would tell me I need to be at 130 to be in the mid range of normal.

Anyway, I'd like to improve my diet and get into the 140s... it is a slow process as you can tell if you've been following along.

Diet Day 16

breakfast - plain bagel, water

lunch - grilled chicken, rice, breadstick (okay... and a couple of cheese sticks)

dinner - french toast, sausage, bacon, hash browns

Progress With The House

Progress Posted by Picasa

Many people have been asking about the house and there wasn't much going on the past few weeks. Monday, however... we have progress. That wood is a wall that separates a couple areas of our basement.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Should we all really think hard about car pooling? $2.75 a gallon? Really?

If the bus was a realistic option for me (like in high school) I'd consider it.

Small, Small World

Home this weekend. Scott Friedman, the weekend anchor at WTMJ is solid. Good reporter, good anchor. He and I also played soccer together in middle school. It may be a few years, but I think if he hangs here, one day he'll be the main guy.

Diet Day 15

breakfast - grapes, plain bagel, water

lunch - Fiesta's Speedy Gonzales, cheese quesadilla, coke

dinner - pizza, water

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Diet Day 14

breakfast - sausage and pancakes

lunch - split Chicken crispers, fries, garlic bread

dinner - 2 chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Monicals pizza

At least the earlier part of the week was good. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

I Survived The Wiggles

The Wiggles Posted by Picasa

I survived my third Wiggles concert. Actually it is fun for me to see how the kids react. I fear however that I'm doomed to have their music in my head this whole week.

Airwaves Split A Pair

A 50-50 night for the Airwaves.

The Analog team won it's first game of the year, 3-0 behind two goals from Spanky, one from Noe Perez and a shutout from Glenn Woodard. Everyone I talked to was impressed with our newcomers.

The Digital team lost a close one, 2-1. Joe Boley scored off a corner kick from Adam Smith. Bill reports they had their chances and already look to having a much better season than last year. They drop to 1-1.

We shuffled some players around and added a bunch as most of the women who played with us the past few years have either decided not to come out or they've moved out of the area. We added speed, experience and youth to the Digital team and I think it's paying off.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Wiggly World

We're off to see the Wiggles tomorrow. This will be the third time. If you don't know the Wiggles, google them. It's funny cause you'll get a bunch of parents who will really get into it, or at least get into their kids getting into it (that's us). And then you'll see parents who have that look. The, OMG am I really here look.

Diet Days 12 and 13

Day 12

breakfast - none

lunch - 1/2 a calzone at Hoops

dinner - steak kabobs, broccoli/pasta salad

Day 13

breakfast - banana, sausage biscuit, hash brown, OJ, water

lunch - ribs and rice

dinner - leftover ribs and rice

Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's A Family Thing

Start em young. Posted by Picasa

My sister has my niece all decked out in the preseason.

Diet Day 11

breakfast - banana, apple wheat bagel, water

lunch - turkey, lettuce, cheese on white (no mayo) with deli chips and a coke

dinner - vege pizza, coke

Really struggling to give up the soda when kids are interrupting my sleep so regularly.

And So It Begins

I don't usually watch pre-season football, but the Packers were on tonight. Only usually watch until the first team comes out... caught some of the rookie QB too.

Really looking forward to the WEEK and WMBD fantasy leagues and the unmentionable weekly pick one game a week adventure.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Classic Episode Of MASH

Hawkeye loses it after eating the same thing for 11 straight days. He and the crew go on this quest for BBQ from Adam's Ribs in Chicago. One of my favorites.

Wal Mart Thoughts

Made a trip solo tonight... I don't know what it is, but when I go to the store by myself, there always seems to be at least one thing on the list that takes me 20 minutes to find. Last time it was a block of parmesan cheese... this time it was strawberry syrup. Turned the wrong corner...

Nothing against our Wal Mart... everyone there does a good job, it's clean etc. But for some reason I've had trouble warming up to the whole Super Wal Mart concept. You can buy food there, but you can also by clothes or electronics or whatever. I have this weird thing about these items all being in the same cart. It just doesn't seem natural. I'm slowing getting over this pseudo phobia.

Bought "Muppets Take Manhattan" for the kids, "Double Jeopardy" for me. Can't resist the Ashley Judd in peril flicks. "High Crimes" and "Kiss The Girls" also rate...

I'm slowly coming around to the "check yourself out line." I don't know why it has taken me so long. Maybe because my first experience with this technology at a grocery store wasn't so good. Because of the movie, I had to have someone come over and punch in a code.

Nice Slice From The Taste

Nice slice of life feature on the guy who delivers ice around the Taste of Peoria from Will Koch... aired on Fox at 9... I'm guessing it'll be on 31 at 10. The thing about events is you have 1:30... you can't cover everything... give em a taste.

Diet Day 10

breakfast - banana, plain bagel, water

lunch - chicken crispers, fries, garlic bread, coke

dinner - Avanti's spaghetti, bread, water

When I was young and single and just starting out at 31, the tub o Avanti's spaghetti used to be a staple. That's an understatement. Actually if you'd open my fridge you'd find that, beer, coke and butter for my bread. Basically I'd eat it for as long as it would last.

Had a nice chat with another former 31er today... I suggested to her that I've been wondering about how long I could just write about what I'm eating until no one read this thing anymore.

Separated At Birth - Dan Marino and Lee Hall

Imagine the Hall of Famer with blonder hair or Lee Hall with brown locks. It might just be me who sees this, but whatever... my blog.

Dan Marino Posted by Picasa

Lee Hall Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not Much TV Or Blogging

Yard work, stuff with the kids... all better things than TV. Did catch 6 Feet Under and Entourage on Sunday night.

6 Feet Under was pretty powerful. Explored a wide range of emotions as the main characters dealt with Nate's funeral. Amazing how the writers work in things that are so messed up and so real all at once.

Diet Day 8 and 9

Day 8

breakfast - grapes, banana, water

lunch - turkey sandwich, fries, coke

dinner - fish (fried), potato salad, water

Day 9

breakfast - grapes, apple, water

lunch - grilled chicken, rice, breadstick, coke

dinner - 2 breaded chicken patties, boiled potatoes, corn on the cob, orange juice

Three O'Clock High

One of my favorite movies from high school is on one of my HBOs right now.

The Real You

One other thought on the death of Peter Jennings. The thing about people who work in television in front of the camera is that people... viewers... get to know you through your work, but they don't get to know the real you.

Many might think they do, as they invite you into their homes every night...

It is true, some are very much like how you see them... others, only a little like the seem...

There is nothing wrong with this relationship BTW, it's just different.

Peter Jennings' final months were for the most part private, spent with the people who meant the most to him. In reading the tributes from friends, you realize we knew Jennings the journalist, but not Jennings the man. While I'm sure there have been different reactions around the country, I hope those experiencing that personal loss find peace.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Peter Jennings Dies At 67

What I'll remember most is the poise and demeanor he displayed when covering major world events and in times of crisis.

From the ABC news release:

On Dec. 31, 1999, Jennings anchored ABC's Peabody-award winning coverage of Millennium Eve, "ABC 2000." Some 175 million Americans watched the telecast, making it the biggest live global television event ever. "The day belonged to ABC News," wrote The Washington Post, "… with Peter Jennings doing a nearly superhuman job of anchoring." Jennings was the only anchor to appear live for 25 consecutive hours.
Jennings also led ABC's coverage of the Sept. 11 attacks and America's subsequent war on terrorism. He anchored more than 60 hours that week during the network's longest continuous period of news coverage, and was widely praised for providing a reassuring voice during the time of crisis. TV Guide called him "the center of gravity," while the Washington Post wrote, "Jennings, in his shirt sleeves, did a Herculean job of coverage." The coverage earned ABC News Peabody and duPont awards.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Airwaves Win

Peoria Park District soccer league is up and running. The Analog Airwaves had a bye. The Digital Airwaves defeated Desperate Housewives 6-1. Two goals a piece from Dave Romero, Nick Moran and Bill Fischer. Bill's presence was especially impressive as he did one of the St. Jude runs yesterday.

Diet Day 6 and 7

Day 6

breakfast - none

lunch - pepperoni pizza, pepsi

dinner - KFC, water

Day 7

breakfast - none

lunch - turkey sandwich, chips and water

dinner - chicken sandwich, chips, OJ

Okay, days 5 and 6 weren't so good... but with the exception of the pepperoni, I made it a week without red meat and only one meal of pizza. Also cut down on the soda... although again need to wean off. For me this is a huge accomplishment.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

That's Right

Here's a good topic from Medialine's open line about the use of the phrase "That's right (anchor's name goes here)...

Time Flies

25 years ago this week, I was in the middle of my first professional theater experience. Earlier that summer my dad had seen a casting call in the paper for a production of South Pacific at the Melody Top in Milwaukee. It was this large, theater in the round at the corner of 76th and Good Hope.

I didn't have much interest in this so my dad resorted to bribery. My weakness at the time was baseball cards. I still remember this pretty well. We get there and there are hundreds of kids there. Apparently the thought of expanding my card collection helped overcome any fears I had. I got the part of Jerome. I think I got paid something like $300 for the two week run. Reprised the role when they put it on again in '85.

The first production starred opera legend Giorgio Tozzi and a woman named Krista Neumann who a year later would become Mrs. Scott Bakula (until 1995). Victor Raider-Wexler who was an amazing Luther Billis, went on to play Dr. Nowell in several episodes of "Seinfeld." The second production starred Mary Cadorette, who played the female lead in the spinoff "Three's A Crowd" and Broadway veteran David Holliday.

The Melody Top eventually closed and at some point burned down. Just by coincidence, at least in relation to my life (this isn't ironic BTW) in it's place stands a soccer complex. More proof of how small the world is... Tozzi became a voice professor at Indiana where an ex-girlfriend of mine studied opera.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Diet Day 5

breakfast - zingers and water

lunch - pork rinds and water

happy hour - 1 1/2 cheese sticks and some nachos

dinner - frisco melt, fries, coke

I'm told in certain diets there is something called a cheat day. This wasn't falling off the wagon so much as it was beating the horse with a bat Sopranos style.

Brad Burke Is A Freak Of Nature

Did anyone catch him filling in for Markley today? That Simpsons trivia segment was bordering on sick. Hilarious and impressive, but sick.

Random Thoughts On Viewing This Week

Why do some people insist on screaming while on camera? Makes me change the channel. The microphone is on your clothing. It's just inches away from your mouth. There is someone running audio and a transmitter sending the station's signal out. You don't need to scream. Really.

As someone who took pride in telling a good feature, why is it some people insist on just throwing them away? No begining, middle or end... no suprise... no nats. Instead: track amd bites with little rhyme or reason. Just because it's hard news doesn't mean it isn't important. What else have you got going on between now and the time you have to go home?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Two Hellos

Two former MARKET 117ers people checked in with the blog via e-mail...

Kish Woodward formerly of WMBD is now a hyphen... Kish Woodward Lipscomb. After 31, she went to the Columbus, Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta where she got out of TV and now works in healthcare marketing. Kish fondly remembers the story that first got Shannon "hearting" me... the Polar Bear jump pack shot by Mary Brown.

Mike Colpitts also says "hello." He's gone back to his roots selling real estate in Destin, Florida. I posted a link to his site a while back.

Who Said It?

Shannon and I were recently talking about certain things we say that we picked up from other people...

Being a big fan of The Tipping Point and how all things are connected, I thought I share a little of what I'm talking about.

When I was at WMBD, many of us (lovingly of course) would tell each other to "shut your mouth" which, if I remember right my friend Aaron got from one of his high school or college buddies. The context would be to say it in place of something like "no way."

My friends Pinky, Brain and EWD have picked up from me "you're killing me" which I'm fairly certain I picked up from Steve Scheuer.

I've also gotten people to say things are "genius" (even if they're not) which I got from a shooter (John Kenney) in Milwaukee, who I'm guessing got it from the Wile E. Coyote toons where he actually spoke, but that is just pure speculation.

Steve, once told me he took the "Ask Chuck" falsetto voice to Chicago and at one point had a bunch of people talking like that and not knowing why. If you've done it, you know how addictive it can be.

I can't remember what it was, but I had a similar conversation with a few former 19ers (from different generations) about something or a phrase that is quite common at WHOI... it was funny to see the "youngster" hear the story from someone who knew the source.

Funny how things kind of hang...

The Genius Of Our Generation

I borrowed my parents car to get back from Milwaukee over the weekend. At a stop for gas, I picked up two Mr. Goodbars in anticipation of eating healthier starting the next day. Ate one, threw the other one in the middle compartment. That was Sunday.

As I was headed to Walgreens for my medicine last night, it dawned upon me that I had left that candy bar in the car... for four days... in the heat. Not only did I feel bad from the rib thing, I had the worst visions of a compartment full of tapes (yes, tapes) covered in a chocolate soup.

I opened the compartment, bracing for the worst when I realized the genius of our generation. Remember how these candy bars and others used to be wrapped in foil with a the wrapper sliding over? Now they're wrapped in just a wrapper that is... sealed. So the chocolate soup was sealed... then put in the freezer... and now in my stomach. Not on the diet, I know.


Diet Day 4

Breakfast - doughnut (yeah, I know, I know... but I was running late and needed something)

Lunch - chicken parm and bread again... and a coke (trying not to get the caffeine headaches, so slowly weaning myself off)

Dinner - corn on the cob, noodles, fish, cucumbers, some kind of exotic bread my wife picked up from the farmer's market (I'm sure those of you who know me will think I'm making this up, but it is the truth)

Health Update

So they've got me on some anti-infamatories... and while there is still a little bit of pain around the ribs, the residual benefit is that my knee hasn't felt this good in years.

As the bottle says, the meds could make me either dizzy or drowsy... I've had both.

Of course I went to work today... cause I'm stubborn.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Trip To The Hospital

Spent most of the evening at the ER/Urgent Care. Having sharp pain under my ribs on the left side... comes and goes...

Deep breaths cause a slight twinge. Pleurisy is the intital diagnosis.

Diet Day 3

Breakfast - apple and water

Lunch - grilled chicken Caesar salad (dressing on the side, used very little) and bread with water

Dinner - turkey, lettuce and cheese (got mayo this time), chips, coke (needed the caffeine after being up with kids multiple times the night before)

Fell off the wagon just a little with the soda...

Vince McMahon... The Second Coming

Chad Dillefeld was once a director at WEEK, but eventually moved on to WLWT in Cincinnati. Aside from his duties as WEEK Fantasy Football League commissioner, Chad has recently left "the business" to work full time with his Heartland Wrestling Association. From what I understand, it was something he did on the side originally, but it has gotten "bigger, better and badder."

I loved pro wrestling growing up... and Chad is now living out one of my teenage dream. Not my most common one mind you.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

An Ask Chuck Like Question

I don't know why, but the other day I was thinking: why does Canada have it's own bacon?

Circle Of Life... In TV

On Jeff's blog, someone made reference to lots of people soon to be leaving a couple of stations and someone made a comment lamenting Liza's departure.

I know there are those out there reading who feel like this is a symptom that there is something horribly wrong with their station. They'll speak of low morale etc. But the truth is it's just part of the way things are. And to be honest, there is something dysfunctional about EVERY station... it's just how you deal with it.

As that comment in a previous post stated "easy come, easy go." But think about it: some people just want to move on to big markets or to their home market. Yes, we'd like them to do their best while they're here, but no place is the perfect home for everyone.

Some people want to make more money... and can you blame them? Plus, from a station's point of view, the turnover for certain spots is good from a financial standpoint. If everyone stayed, it would get expensive.

In February, I posted a link to something another former reporter, Alan Heymann, wrote about leaving before, and with at least one reader expecting other exits, I thought it would be a good time to revisit that essay.

Diet Day 2

Another banana and water for breakfast.

Turkey sandwich with lettuce and cheese, no mayo, chips (bad, but no mayo) and water for lunch.

Baked chicken, potatoes and spinach (yes, really) with water for dinner.

I think my body is rejecting this...

Monday, August 01, 2005

WMBD At 6 Tonight/Diet Day 1

Just a couple of thoughts...

Related to Jay's story... thank you NASA... I've got the "Sunday Ticket."

Related to Kimberly's story... I'm trying a new diet this week. I call it the "don't eat a bunch of crap" diet. I don't think that's as catchy as "Atkins." For those of you who know me, you'll be shocked (I hate the use of that phrase on the news, but it is appropriate here) to know I won't be eating burgers or pizza this week. Instead of bacon or a chocolate chip muffin this morning, I opted for a banana. I had chicken parm for lunch and apparently we're having some kind of chicken stir fry with brown rice for dinner.

We'll see how long this lasts.

Update: I ate all of the stir fry. It was pretty good... or as I told Shannon, "it wasn't horrible." I think I'm just bored with my usual diet. I'm very much a burgers, pizza, steak, chicken tenders kind of guy.

I really admire when people can muster the discipline to lose a big chunk of weight. Darrin did it by going with chicken and brown rice instead of steak and mashed potatoes. My friend EWD did it at the end of last year into this year. Not that these guys had weight problems, but they had a goal to be healthier.

Reality Reporters

As far as I know, WHOI still doesn't have a full time replacement for Todd and with Liza leaving WMBD, I've been thinking more about my reality show idea. I won't name names, but I will say that at least one news manager has e-mailed a thumbs up about the idea.

How about this:

You are Jim or Chris or Amanda with an opening. You get 100 tapes and narrow down to five... then bring the five in for "tryouts." You could probably get their rooms and meals in trade/sponsorship from local hotels/restaurants. Produce a local show, kind of like ESPN's "Dream Job."

There would be lots of room for promoting this... you'd get "free" labor for the duration of the show, they'd get tape out of it... you could have them on radio shows... or maybe do webcasts of their time in Peoria when the camera is off.

Like "Dream Job" there's room for audience interaction, voting etc. Unlike that show, you'd actually be choosing from a pool of qualified candidates. Like "American Idol" you could share some tapes that didn't make the cut. Truth be told, if I watch that show at all, I stop watching when they stop running "those" singers.


Welcome to month ten of this blog. Sometime while I was in Milwaukee we hit 25,000 visitors. Thanks for reading.

6 Feet Under

I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but... wow.

Update: if you're a fan, here is a link to HBO's 6 Feet Under message board.