Sunday, January 06, 2008

WMBD-TV celebrates 50 years on air

Congratulations to everyone at WMBD-TV on the station's 50th anniversary. I was part of the team for about two years in the mid-90's and documented my time there when I first started this blog. I have so many wonderful memories of that place and the people have continued to be a part of my life.

It's where I met my wife... Shelli and Rusty introduced the wedding party at our reception.

Whenever I get to Chicago or New York or Orlando, I'm sharing a meal with TOB, Steve, Aimee or Marc.

My buddy/former 31 co-worker Aaron is the one who first made the call that eventually led to me getting into the corporate world, where I work with a number of other former 31ers.

It was a great place to start, and during my time there, a really fun place to work and learn.