Sunday, July 01, 2007

Three Former Market 117ers Doing Well In Mickey's World

Got to talk to or exchange e-mail with Steve Gehlbach (formerly of 25), Jessica D'Onofrio (formerly of 19) and Kimberly Houk (formerly of 31). All three are reporting in Orlando with Steve at the Fox station and the other two at the CBS. Got to see live shots/packages from all of them. Steve's got his own blog by the way.

In terms of presentation, all three are strong. Steve has continued with a very creative approach to the on camera as he did the impending iPod release story (which coincidentally, I saw former 19er Brendan Conway do live in Milwaukee on Friday). Jessica was solid in her coverage of a protest story and I think Kimberly is going places. She looks quite a bit different than when she was here (for the good), but I think her voice/delivery were especially strong.

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