Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2006 Illinois Associated Press Awards

Here's a list of the 2006 Illinois Associated Press Awards... congrats to Market 116 winners (in bold).


BEST REPORTER: WAND-TV, Decatur, Scot England.

BEST NEWSCAST: WICS-TV, Springfield, "ABC NewsChannel 20 - 6 p.m. News," Rebecca Clark, Amy O'Conner, David Christopher and Gary Darigol.

2nd Place: WEEK-TV, Peoria, "June 29, 2006 - News 25 Nightside," Chris Coplan, Tom McIntyre, Mike Dimmick, Lee Ranson, Lee Hall and News 25 Team.

OUTSTANDING NEWS OPERATION: WICS-TV, Springfield. David Christopher, Gary Darigol, Rebecca Clark and Amy O'Conner.

2nd Place: WEEK-TV, Peoria. "News 25 in 2006," News 25.

BEST NEWSWRITER: KWQC-TV, Davenport, Iowa, Gary Metivier.

BEST INVESTIGATIVE SERIES: WICS-TV, Springfield, "Purse Bacteria," Julie Staley.

2nd Place (tie): WEEK-TV, Peoria, "Sergeant Pelo," Eric Shangraw and Larry
WICD-TV, Champaign, "Rawhide," Jennifer Copeland and Jack Larson.

BEST SPOT NEWS: WSIL-TV, Harrisburg, "House Fire," Clint Misselhorn and Drew Hansen.

BEST SPORTS: WSIL-TV, Harrisburg, "Cheerleading Changes," Rickey Thein and Drew Hansen.

2nd Place: WSIL-TV, Harrisburg, "Harness Racing Training," Drew Hansen.

BEST SERIES/DOCUMENTARY: KWQC-TV, Davenport, Iowa, "Meth Moms," Gary Metivier and Drew Jones.

2nd Place: WHOI-TV, Peoria, "Behind the Wheel," Jolie Alois, Jessica Wheeler, Brent Hortsmann, James Kerr and Louis Linder.

BEST LIGHT FEATURE: WAND-TV, Decatur, "Pumpkin Chuckin'," Scot England and Erik Darelius.

2nd Place: WICD-TV, Champaign, "Witch's Séance," Natalie Bomke.

BEST HARD NEWS FEATURE: WHOI-TV, Peoria, "Officer Storm Funeral," Laura Michels and Brent Hortsmann.

2nd Place: WHOI-TV, Peoria, "It's Not A Tumor," Jen Christensen and Jon Reidy.

BEST VIDEOGRAPHY: WSIL-TV, Harrisburg, "Harness Racing Training." Drew Hansen.

2nd Place: WSIL-TV, Harrisburg, "Cheerleading Changes," Drew Hansen.

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