Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back To School

I get it. I get why teachers teach.

I spoke to a broadcast journalism class at Illinois State on Tuesday night. My former co-worker Maria Henneberry is the instructor and she was gracious enough to have me in to speak to her class and I had a blast.

The title of my talk was: "Making a bucket of Avanti's spaghetti last for a week: getting and surviving your first job in television news."

I covered everything thing from building a really strong resume tape, to the 30 second rule regarding those tapes... to networking and road trips to get jobs. I shared the honest truth about hiring in TV... about race and gender and looks... thoughts that may have sounded a bit jaded or not-PC... but things that I wish people had shared with me when I was a senior.

Hopefully I gave them a taste for all the good and bad that they might go through in the next six months. I got some really good feedback from some of them afterwards, but in the end, I think I was the one who got something out of it. On my way home I was flooded with memories of that time in life... and called two of my best friends to reminisce.

Maybe what I said was just blah, blah for some... I got the feeling that most of them took it to heart. I really hope they took something out of it... even just an awareness of how prepared they need to be come May. I may post more detail about this when I'm less exhausted... but you get the idea.


Maria said...

Edgar - You did a great job. They loved you. I look forward to next week when we'll talk about the things you shared - see what they have to say about it. Stay tuned.

Thanks for fitting us into your schedule. It was so great to see you again. I wish we'd had more time to just chat.

I hope you'd be open to talking to another class of mine in the future. Have a great weekend - Maria H.

Steve Gehlbach said...

I remember talking to a group of college J-students a couple years ago. after a half hour, the instructor finally had to ask the panel "so what do you like about your job?" I sometimes forget all the good things, but I think most students need a reality check about this business. I took a call the other day from a college girl looking to "interview" a reporter for her class. she had her eyes opened in about 5 minutes.

ScheuerThing said...

I hope you told the students how to produce a quality stand-up... like one involving hub caps. Stay classy Peoria! Tell Maria hello if you talk to her for me.