Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Surviving Christmas

Random thoughts about the week...

So we made it through... although we still have yet to celebrate with my parents. They went to san Diego, then Vegas to celebrate. My brother, who lives in Colorado, made it out just in time, but was unable to return in time for work cause of the snow. He worked yesterday, which begs the question "who goes out for sushi on Christmas?" Whatever.

One of my favorites part of the week is singing "Silent Night" while holding candles at church. Of course the kids are focused heavily on Santa. At this point it's so much more fun for me to see how excited they are opening gifts. They're still pretty young, but even now I'm starting to think about ways for them to start understanding the true meaning in the future.

Shannon's big gift was a Roomba, which somem of my friends found to be an odd choice. It was going to be an iPod, but she was actually quite excited by the little robot vaccum. She also got some perfume and a popcorn maker. I think her real gift was not having to shop with me. I left the pain of my running through the mall and not stopping to look at anything to my oldest and my friend Pinky.

Santa brought the kids all they wanted, but we tell them he only brings one or two things which apparently they've taken to heart. At preschool, the teachers helped my daughter and her classmates with lists, which they hang up before they bring home. Most kids apparently had 1,2,3,4 things listed... my daughter's list read:

"Dear Santa, I want a Dora castle. That's what I want and I want it really bad..."

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