Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fantasy Frustration

So the bright side to Sunday is it looks like I'll make the playoffs in two of the leauges I'm in.

In the third league, I'm up 17 going into Monday night... my opponent has the Bears defense and Bernard Berrian, so it looks like I'm done there. I would probably have won if Saints coach Sean Payton didn't call three plays inside the five for fullback Mike Karney... three plays that usually would have gone to my running back, Deuce Mcallister... thre plays that went for touchdowns.

The one I thought he had was called back on a false start... and at 23 up, I think I would have had a chance. Now, I can only watch from my reserved seat at BW3 as the Bears tee off on the Rams. Guhhh.

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