Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Shopping errr Buying

At my house, Shannon takes care of the gifts for everyone... I buy the gifts for her. Not fair I know, but she enjoys shopping... I enjoy buying. I don't look around... I make my list, I make a beeline for the item, and a beeline for the line and a beeline out the door.

I suppose I could go with her, but it would ruin her fun.

Some random thougts from my buying excursion yesterday...

I got rock star parking outside of Sears at Northwoods. The first spot. There's something special about getting that spot, isn't there? It's almost like I could rationalize looking around a little longer (even though it is against my nature) cause I had that spot.

And when I left, I was very excited for the person who was waiting... about to get my spot.

I dig the massage recliners at the mall... but people, if you're not going to put money in... you really shouldn't be sitting in em for ten or fifteen minutes. Just a pet peeve.

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