Thursday, November 30, 2006

Keeping In Touch

Heard from three former MARKET 117ers this week. Ben Bailey sent an e-mail this week. He's doing well in Detroit and was reminsicing with Pat Dix about the good old days in Peoria. Ben worked at 25 when I was at 31, but we got to know each other covering many of the same stories.

Josh Klingler, known at WMBD radio as Josh Kelly, is doing sports radio in KC and is the father of two six week old twins. Congrats, man! He's playing soccer again too. Josh played in college and spent one season with the Airwaves.

And thanks to Monica Landeros for keeping me in mind when she knows Packer tickets are up for grabs. She's in Green Bay now.

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BuffaloBuckeye said...

Good to hear everyone is doing so well!