Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ivan Drago Is Real

My dad is a big boxing fan and likes that I have satellite so he can watch when he and my mom come to visit as they did this weekend. Usually I'll watch for a few minutes, but I actually watched a whole fight on Saturday.

For those of you haven't seen him, Nikolai Valuev is almost straight out of Rocky IV. He's 7 feet tall and 320 some pounds. He is a mountain of a man who looks a bit like the late Andre the Giant... and it was actually fascinating to watch him fight. He fought a guy named Monte Barrett who was 6'3, 222.

To put this into perspective of more mainstream sports, imagine if Shaq and Dwayne Wade stepped in the ring for a fight. That is essentially the size differential.

To see Valuev throw a punch from what seemed like the other side of the ring was astounding. And Barrett was trying really hard, but it was almost as if he had to jump to land something solid. And Valuev isn't plodding like you'd expect someone that size to be, he has a fair amount of quickness.

Valuev won by TKO when Barrett's manager stepped in to stop the fight, which he should have as his guy was in real trouble. Valuev is now 45-0 and really worth checking out.


O'Brien's Briar Patch said...


Come on. I watched the fight. It was terrible and similar to when people drive by a traffic accident and rubber neck trying to see some blood and gore. The fight to watch was the one telecast right before this one.

Sadly, this was a circus sideshow. If this guy wasn't seven feet he'd be doing something else.

And one of the announcers got it dead on when he kept stating if Barrett had fought a smart fight, he could have beaten Valuev.

Edgar said...

Call me the ringmaster :)

I'll agree he wasn't actually what you'd deine as a good fighter, and maybe my gushing is more like rubbernecking... but he is undefeated (though to be honest, as I'm not a boxing guy, I don't know what caliber of opponents he's had.)

But I always stopped to watch when Muggsy Bogues came into an NBA game too.

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