Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Home Today

Shannon got all four wisdom teeth pulled today. She's in no shape to do anything, so I'm home on daddy patrol.

I feel so bad for her... she's freaked out enough about bad things happening to her teeth and she never had anisthetic before, but she made it through and is now resting.

On the way home, had to deal with two boneheads. First, as I'm driving on 74, some woman is on my butt, despite the 45 mph signs and all the construction. You can see she's getting impatient, even though there's no room in front of me. Finally on the bridge she passes me and gives me a dirty look. These are the people you wish would get pulled over. The extra 60 seconds you save are not worth hitting a worker.

We stop at Panera in EP on the way home. I'm in the parking lot and stop to turn into a space. There's a guy who just parked, talking on his cell phone as he slowly walks across my path. He even looks at me, then continues to walk, but now even slower. Now clearly, if I'm not going to blow through construction, I'm not in a hurry, but come on.

And then I pass him as I go in he's loudly swearing about something into the phone. I know they're a necessary evil in society today, but I can't stand cell phones... almost as much as I can't stand the self absorbed.

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