Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween In A New Neighborhood

Halloween was fun, but I expect no less with kids five and under. The baby (he'll be two in January, but he's still the baby) went up to the first house. After the older two got their treats, the lady gave him one... and I yelled "what do you say?" He looked at her and said "more" then started crying when he realized it was limit one. He'll get it next year.

The older two had a great time. At the second house, we were offered a fire, hot dogs and chilli. Not in a bag, mind you... they were having a get together. Great offer, but we had to decline as the kids would have revolted if we had stopped at one house.

We went to several houses before my duaghter gave up and retired to the stroller.

Funny thing that struck me... parents tell kids "never take candy from strangers." Then Halloween comes. And by the way, there's nothing fun about "fun size" candy.


Jonathan Ahl said...

You know what "fun size" means to me... a candy bar so big you need help carrying it. That's fun.

Or in the context of Halloween night, candy so big it threatens the stcturual integrity of your bag/pillowcase/plastic pumpkin that you are using to carry the treats. That would be fun.

Small, half-size bites: NOT FUN!

PeoriaIllinoisan said...

My 5 year old daughter really really wanted to pass out some candy, so we told her "if it's a neighbor or someone you know, give them a little more"

So I look over and she's sticks both of her hands into the candy basket and scoops out as much as she can possibly hold to put into her friend's bag.

I told her that was real nice, but probably a bit too much, now that her friend's bag is full and it's only her first house...