Sunday, October 29, 2006

Catching Up On Movies

Getting a chance to catch up on movies I missed in the theaters for the first time in a long time. This week I saw (on satellite) Criminal, Click and The Break-Up.

Criminal is a remake of a 2000 Argentine film and is about a very intricate con. John C. Reilly, (who most people probably know from Boogie Nights or Talladega Nights) stars. George Clooney produced and it had an Oceans Eleven feel with out the glitz.

Shannon and I enjoyed Click, probably because we both didn't expect a lot. The message was a good one... and you could pretty easily catch the references to Scrooge and George Bailey. Without going Roger Ebert on you, I think the problem for me was I didn't know what kind of movie I was watching. Was it classic Adam Sandler or something that was supposed to make you think. I'm a big Sandler fan, but there was probably too much dog/stuffed duck humor that took away from the sentiment.

We watched The Break-Up last night. I think we had more expectation of this one. I thought many of the scenes just seemed to drag. And I got what they were trying to go for with the photos at the start setting up their relationship, but I think for me it was hard to be invested in their relationship with just that and they "how they met" scene. One of my favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally, does a great job of set up, passage of time... could have been more like that.

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