Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blogger Challenges HOI

Scott Janz posts about coverage of the recent Dagit/Smith commercial confrontations.

He writes, "C’mon HOI you can do better than that."

Generally speaking, I think all three stations are pretty fair when it comes to political coverage, but Scott seems to feel that WEEK gave him a more balanced take.

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Jonathan Ahl said...

I didn't see the HOI coverage, but I do think its a good thing for the public to critically analzye news coverage.

The number one way journalism gets better is when intelligent people demand higher quality. I'm not talking about hard-core lefties or righties looking for a media outlet to push their agenda and cast away all other arguments. I'm talking about people speaking up and asking/saying, "Was that fair?", or "I would have liked to hear more from the other side."

I applaud anyone that intelligently takes a news organization (including my own) to task. Good organizations will grow and become better through that process.