Sunday, October 15, 2006

Analog Airwaves Finish Undefeated

I'll post a Digital score later... they play at 5:30.

Analog finished off the season with a 4-2 win over the Titans. With the win, Analog ends up in first place, going a perfect 8-0 on the year.

The game was tight early. Missing our starting two defenders hurt... having only one sub didn't help. Vito got things going with a shot from the left side that their keeper couldn't handle and the 1-0 lead held till halftime.

Early in the second, I got a good lead pass, cut it back then put one left footed in the left corner. I had another as did Jose before they got on the board twice.

Game was marred by bad sportsmanship. Midway through the second half, I get the ball in the midfield and send it up. The ball is maybe 15-20 yards away, when one of their women, wearing some kind of helmet/head gear just unloads with two arms and the helmet and tries to take my head off.

She tried to apologize, but to me that's kind of hollow. I mean, I don't condone hurting anyone at all, but if you're going to do something like that, at least pretend like you're going for the ball.

I laughed it all off and this apparently honked her off even more. If I understood her crazed rantings, I think she got hurt on my knee brace earlier in the game and she turned that into I tried to hurt her. So this was apparently her chance to get me back. What a psycho.

Funny, usually something like this would push me to play harder, but all I could think was my wife is out of town. If this woman had hit me square in the head with the headgear, and I had gotten knocked out... it would have been pretty scarry for my five year old who was watching on the sidelines. But if I have learned anything... I know that people like that just don't care.

So the psycho leaves the field at some point later, starts screaming and talking trash to another one of our players... until the ref blows the whistle, and tells her to knock it off. That was about right.

So all that aside, Analog finished off a great year, giving up only three goals on the season. With two more goals today (twenty on the year), I was able to raise $500 for the Pekin Pride Soccer Club. Thanks to P&W Builders for their support.

Indoor starts soon and while I'll still do the organizing, but injuries have really caught up to me and I'll be out for a while. I probably wouldn't have played the second half of this season if it weren't for the opportunity to raise money for the kids.

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