Monday, October 02, 2006

Airwaves Split Yet Again

Analog played the early game against Sheridan Nursery and stayed undefeated, winning 14-0. They were missing many of their stronger players and actually only had six show up. In the spirit of fairness, we played with six, but it didn't matter.

I have really mixed feeling about the game. On the one hand, I was disappointed cause they've traditionally been a really strong team... we tied with them for first last year in the B league. I also feel kind of bad that the scoring got out of hand, but to be honest some of the goals were deflected in by their own people. In the end, I had four ($100 more for Pekin Pride soccer - $425 for the season for those of you following along), Vito had three, Crystal had three, Jim, Karen, Jose and DJ each had one.

Really looking forward to next weeks game. We play the other undefeated, first place team... The Nomads with each team led by former Bradley soccer teammates (Vito for us, Steve for them).

Digital played Ag Lab United to a 2-2 tie, but officially lost. Please see this post from "Ahl Things Considered" for a pretty humorous take on what happened in their game.

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