Thursday, September 14, 2006

The First Step...

...they say is admitting you have a problem. Phil Luciano's column outlines his fantasy football addiction.

My wife would like me to read his most recent column closely. She says you too, Josh Simon.

I know I'd fail this quiz...

You know you have a fantasy football problem when you:

a) break off cable signals to have two extra televisions so that in addition to the Sunday Ticket, you have access to the two local games (this was before getting local channels via the dish, local games are blacked out)

b) you run one league and manage teams in two others

c) you spend half an hour working with the lady at the printer to turn a simple spreadsheet into a giant draft board (that was last year, this year CBS Sportsline gave us a free one)

d) you don't take losses by your team (Packers) nearly as hard because players on teams you don't care about are getting catches in garbage time (Shannon actually sees this as a positive)

e) all of the above

Sadly, the answer is "e." At least I still leave to play soccer the first six weeks of the season... which leaves "Uncle Josh" in charge of three. Hey Phil... there's nothing wrong with you... and there's room on the Sandoval couch. You may have to change a diaper, though.

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