Friday, September 29, 2006

Bye Bye To Tradition, Convenience

Current and former 31ers say goodbye to an old friend. If you've worked there in the past 10+ years you've had many a meal at the Wendy's that's literally a stone's throw from the newsroom door.

It's something people in markets from New York City and Orlando to Chicago have in common.

But with the announcement of all the area Wendy's closing, it looks like more breaks from making a difference will be taking place at Steak and Shake.


Jonathan Ahl said...

While I was only at WMBD for a year, I ate at Wendy's so often, and got the same thing every time, that I didn't actually say my order.

The girls behind the counter would look at me, I would nod, and almost instantly they would produce a plain baked potato, small chilli, and small Mr. Pibb. Hot and filling for less than $4. That was important on WMBD's salary circa 1996.

I think they will reopen that location once the owners bankruptcy is worked out, or the place is sold.

GBC Internet said...

Wendy's and K's closing in the same week??! I suppose pretty soon Walmart and McDonalds will announce their merger and offer free gas with every 50,000 calories consumed. --Glenn