Sunday, August 27, 2006

Six Degrees Of Packer Tickets

First let me start by saying "thank you" to former WHOI reporter Monica Landeros. I have tickets to an upcoming Packers game... but how I ended up with them in my hands is kind of funny.

When Monica left, I asked her if she'd please keep an ear open for tickets... and when someone from her station had some for sale, she e-mailed me right away. I suppose I could have asked her to mail them, but this was better.

So the guy from her station gives the tickets to Monica. She in turn gives them to her boyfriend who works at State Farm. Her boyfriend gets them to Bill Fischer who I used to work with at 25 and is married to Gina Morss. Bill passes them to Gina, who brings them to the station and leaves them with Josh, who gave them to me at our fantasy draft last night. Whew.

So instead of a stamp, these tickets exchanged hands five times before getting to me (number six). I think this was more fun.

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Monica said...

anything for a newsie! :) email me before you get to town. maybe i can show you around my station. ;) -ml
ps... i think my blog is dead. haven't decided yet.