Thursday, August 24, 2006

On The Road Again

Traveled for work this week. It's good to be home. My trip back was slightly irritating though...

Tried to get on an earlier flight, but couldn't and it ended up getting delayed by three hours anyway. Go to the airport in Raleigh two and a half hours before my flight, but for some reason, United only had one person working the counter. I was fifth in line, and didn't think much of it. Then ten minutes went by and the line hadn't moved. Then twenty. Then thirty.

Finally someone else comes out and yells to everyone... the line now being about forty people deep... that they can use the automated machines. Fine. So I'm the first. And I push the right buttons and nothing. No boarding pass comes out. So the woman who is directing everyone has to print mine up anyway.

Then, as I'm starting to ask for help... some guy behind me... sees that it didn't print for me... starts using the machine anyway. And his didn't print. And somehow he's surprised. Whatever.

So I get to the gate and my flight is delayed 20 minutes. Apparently there were storms in the Chicago area. Then it's 40 minutes. Finally it's an hour and someone gets on the PA and says there will be no more delays. She was right... but I don't think I'd ever say anything definite when dealing with air travel.

We land at O'Hare at 3:55, but end up circling on the ground. Captain comes on and says there's a plane still at our gate. Finally, 20 minutes later we get to the gate, which isn't good because with the hour delay, by the time we get off, I'm going to have 20 minutes till the plane takes off.

Of course, wouldn't you know it... the flight to Peoria is canceled. So is the flight to Bloomington. The airline says the last flight out is in four hours... but they can only put me on standby. I ask if I can just get my bag and drive... and the woman behind the counter tells me yes, but it could take as long as three hours to get my bag.

So my bag flew home... I hope... and I drove through rush hour to get to 55 and home at 9:00 tonight. Good times.

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