Friday, August 04, 2006

The Good And Bad Of Chicken Crispers

If you know me well outside of this blog, you know I love Chili's and my standard order is chicken crispers, hold the corn, sub garlic bread. I don't even look at the menu... annoys Shannon cause she has to examine every menu like she's Emily Proctor on CSI... but that's another post.

So anyway, I have this conspiracy like theory that different Chili's will order different crispers... maybe to save money. See, when you get the good ones, they're big. Not like chicken tenders you'd order at any other place. And they're moist. They melt in your mouth... and the breading is the same.

But sometimes you'll get the crispers and they'll be small and tough... and really not that enjoyable. I had the bad ones for lunch... so I thought I'd share.

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