Thursday, July 06, 2006

HOI Moves

I've heard through the grapevine that HOI's Josh Brogadir is moving on to a job in the Scranton/Wilkes Barre market (54). Don't have a lot of details yet, but he'll be moving closer to family. As I've mentioned on several occasions, I'm a big fan of Josh's reporting and think he'll continue to do well as he moves up the market ladder. He'll be missed.

This comes as Brock Spencer replaces Nick Stroman on the assignment desk as reported by Peoria Pundit.

Congrats to both!


ExpressWrittenConsent said...

I have also heard (2nd hand) that Josh is leaving soon. W - B Scranton will be a good market for Josh.

Jonathan Ahl said...

I'm not at all surprised Josh is leaving. He always struck me as one of the more intelligent, well-prepared, and thoughtful TV reporters to work in this market.

It's a shame the TV stations in this market can't find a way to keep people like Josh here longer than the durtation of the two-year contract they sign.

Jeff Nau said...

Terrific reporter and he will be missed here in the area.

It's only been two years for him here, but we've seen him give a number of great reports.

He also got married while at WHOI-TV 19. I remember that well, because I thought Josh Brogadir was going to leave then (at the time Paul Ferrante said some big news to announce about him coming up... and I assumed).

I agree Jonathon that it's a shame that we can't keep great reporters here in the area longer... but I'm glad to see that Brogadir is off to better and greener pastures.

ExpressWrittenConsent said...

Gentlemen, I believe that the only way that stations in market 117 can keep good people longer, is to hire local, home-grown talent. Market 117 is the equivilant to being a Class A minor league baseball team. From here, young reporters want to get into a top 100 market. From there, they want to get into the top 50, and then the top 20. I understand why these folks come here, and then leave in 2 years. The idea is to get something good on tape so that they can take that next step.