Monday, June 26, 2006

Radio Lunch And War Of The Words

A quick hello to Greg Batton and John and Pesto of JMP radio... had the pleasure of lunching with the trio today. I used to love sitting in on the Greg and Yvonne show before work when I was at WMBD and we were in the same building.

And I had been meaning to give the Wolf's morning crew a call when they first got here, because like me they came from the Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz market. In fact, Shannon and I used to listen to their old station, KTOM, all the time when we lived out there... a big reason why we're both into country music to varying degrees. But, during soccer season, I lose track of everything... and now they've been here four months. Better late than never...

A little bit of verbal back and forth between the team and Peoria Pundit Bill Dennis, as you can see from the link. Bill cracked them out of anger after some friends of his got fired... but to his credit, he did apologize after they posted to his blog.

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