Thursday, June 29, 2006


Josh and Warren from WEEK had quite a trip to New York to cover the NBA draft. On Tuesday night, they end up at ESPNZone for dinner... find a couple of couchlike seats up front and who is sitting next to them, but Dave Snell who wasn't in NYC for the draft, but for work.

They cover Patrick O'Bryant's entry into the NBA and then decide that for fun, they'll make a couple of signs and try to get on The Today Show the next morning. Only, their sign, congratulating O'Bryant is missing an "r" so instead of "congrats," it reads "congats." And of course Al Roker zings them for it.

Josh was just on Markely and Luciano telling tales of a big "r" getting left on his desk and Lee Hall asking about the Badley Baves... all in good fun. And while Jamie and Phil asked him about the heat he'll take around town in the coming months... this, while not intentional, will end up being a genius move.

Yes, he'll take some crap, but his level of recognition with people is about to jump and as I've said before, being able to make a connection with the audience is very important. As the number three sports guy, anchoring infrequently it isn't easy. This will help.

Props to the guys for getting out of bed... Shannon and I had a chance to do this back in the day when we were out there for a wedding... we chose to sleep in.

This, by the way, is the cue for the shortsighted dork to post a comment about journalism... and how "it's not a story" blah, blah, blah. Of course they're probably working at a station that did packages that tie in to a reality show on their network or they're running a kicker on the waterskiing squirrel.

Update: After the story ran at 10 and they came out of weather, Dimmick cracks Shangraw's spelling ability too. It's getting ugly over there. ;)

Update 2: My theory was proven Friday night. Steve Scheuer, Josh and I were out for a little bit on Friday night and not ten seconds after walking in, someone yelled "CONGATS!" He came over to Josh and had a ball talking about it.

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