Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Soccer Season Ending

My two and a half months of early mornings is coming to an end soon. My Pekin girls soccer team wraps up its regular season on Thursday with a senior night match against Woodruff.

We're 5-9-1 this year... not bad considering we only returned two starters from last year.

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jen said...

Just wanted to thank you for everything you have done and continue doing for the program. Just to let everyone know next yr @ Icc there will be 5 of us girls from the Pekin program. I never dreamed I would get a chance to play college ball, maybe jr. college soccer but its still college. None of us really thought we could do it. Edgar changed our minds and gave us confidence that we had it in us. He goes beyond what a coach should to help out his players. Thank you coach for everything you have done for us girls and the soccer program of pekin.. Who better to celebrate the 10yr existance of the program, than an amazing coach who deeply cares about each and every player!