Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm Back... Sort Of... And We've Moved

Okay, I haven't posted in more than a week cause our internet access has been down. Got it taken care of with the phone tech tonight.

Where to begin... first of all, we're in. We spent all of last week moving. Monday and Tuesday it was boxes and things that should be in boxes. Wednesday the movers came for the big stuff. My friend Brett and I call this the idiot tax... which I gladly pay. Basically the idea is I'll pay for big movers so none of my friends get hurt moving a sleeper sofa or a washing machine.

Wednesday was also the day "it" arrived... "it" being the plasma HDTV... my only real contribution to the house. If you were following along, Shannon took care of everything else and the house is terrific.

On Thursday, our friend Kep brought his tools and his handiness and installed the bracket... and our evening ended with the TV on the wall. Shannon and her friend Ashley finished cleaning at the old house.

Friday, we moved the last couple of loads to the new house and left the old one for the last time, as the new owners took posession that afternoon. It was suprisingly emotional, but it was our first home... the one we brought our three kids home to.

Of course, now, five days later we're in the midst of moving hell. The kitchen and living room, where we're spending most of our time, are pretty much set. But we have wall to wall boxes in our guest bedroom, garage and basement. You can't find anything. Heck, on Monday morning, I couldn't find my shoes for work for a while.

I'm hoping to get through most of this by clearing everything out to the driveway on Sunday after the storms have passed... I'm hoping at the very least to have everything in "staging areas" after this weekend. We'll see.

Thanks to the Lambes, Goudies, Greshams and Josh and all the family that lent helping hands.

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