Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vote For Mac Or Bob?

Andrea Zinga, former anchor from the Quad Cities is running for Congress again, against long time incumbent Lane Evans. She's not the first... another former TV personality, Mark Baker took his shot a few years back.

So it begs the question. How much does can the exposure of TV news play into an election. I know Baker and Zinga had strong followings, but does that extend to a race as big as congress? I have friends who've done it on a smaller level. Former 31 and 25er Shelli Dankoff got elected to school board in Washington last year. Adam Nielsen, formerly of 25, has been a fixture on the Normal Town Council since I left TV in 2001.

If your candidate is a Mac or a Larson, someone who has been in front of a big chunk of voters for 30+ years, would that swing more people in a bigger election? How much is name recognition alone worth? Don't know... just wondering...

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Bill Dennis said...

I am surprised there aren't more newscasters turned politicians.

Think about it.

Newsies, one assumes, follow current events including politics. I never did buy into the stereotype of TV reporters being airheads.

TV reporters have to be attractive, good communicators and used to playing the role of a celebrity.

It worked for Reagan.