Sunday, March 19, 2006


Of course all the other teams I've been pulling for are out already, but the Braves are still making a heck of a run. I just called Josh who is on the verge of a heart attack in press row... what an amazing game for a Bradley alum to be covering.

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scott unes said...

I hope Josh is okay, he needs to cover the Sweet 16 now! I am absolutely walking on air today, I have been waiting to see Bradley make this kind of run since I started watching them during the 70-80 season. If O'Bryant keeps playing the fundamentally sound inside game on offense/defense he's been playing, and Sommerville continues to give them big baskets, and the guards continue to take care of the ball as they have been, and the defense continues to out-hustle (a lot of "if's", I know), then Bradley can MAKE A GAME of it against Memphis. In order to win, I think Memphis needs to make some mistakes too. But it's been fun so far!