Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Election Night

Election nights in TV news are a lot of fun. A lot of adrenaline... a lot going on... strong anchors with lots of perspective on the races shine, while others who don't know a lot of the names struggle to show their authority. Also lots of reading full screens on the fly... good times.

Shannon freelances on election nights at 25... nice way to keep in touch, keep sharp, see old friends and get some adult conversation. I skip these nights and instead hang with the kids and flip when the 10 comes on.

Nice to see Matt Jones doing commentary on 19, funny to a few of us cause his wife does the weather on 25. Rough spot on set when the other analyst, Jim Thomas' cell phone kept ringing. Guh. Nice job by Josh Brogadir live at the UAW hall.

I like 31's use of reporters... breaks things up well.


Eric Peterson said...

No longer having to work election nights puts me in my happy place.

Election nights were always such a train-wreck. Organization, if you could even call it that, was always so poor. I would be incredibly surprised if that has changed in the last couple of years.

Personally, I'll take overtime basketball and 11:00 AM MLB games ahead of election night and severe weather any day of the week. ;)

Dark Charmer said...

Well Edgar,
You know for a fact I am a devoted 'MBD fan, but I actually found that WGN did some decent coverage of the election night.
I am also happy for one more thing, I am pro-Judy Baar Topinka and Joe Birkett and am proud to say
(sorry I just had to say that!!)
I am gonna rank the coverage of the election as I saw it
2. WGN
I do not recall whether UPN covered it or not, so I cannot rank them. I was too busy partying when I found out that IL's gonna have a WOMAN run for governor, and as far as I'm concerned I pray that JUDY and JOE win!!