Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Airwaves Lose, Hurting Too

Airwaves lost a tough one tonight, 7-6. Just a couple of minutes into the game, some clown takes both my legs out and I land on my back. I should have stopped then, but of course I kept playing. I finished with four, but ran out of gas and missed the tying breakaway.

Towards the end, another one of their players take one of our women out at the knee, and shoves her into the wall. She's on the ground, rolling around in pain while a bunch of us saw him smirk about it. One of their better players apologized after the game, saying the guy who did it never played before. Well, I guess that makes it okay. Its not like common sense would tell you that's not right, but whatever. Don't know how she'll do at work tomorrow, but she couldn't walk after the game.

I'm icing my back now... can't reach forward or pick anything up which isn't good as we continue to move. I'm sure work will be fun for me too. I love people who hack without getting the ball. It makes playing so rewarding.

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