Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shelli Fills In

Nice to hear Shelli Dankoff on WMBD radio today. She was filling in for Luciano who is in Haiti. I always think it's fun when TV people fill in on radio talk shows. You get a much better handle on their personalities, something you don't get nearly as much by watching them on the news.

She and Markley had a very entertaining discussion going. It started with something from the day before where another fill in host was talking about how his wife and an ex-boyfriend of hers go to movies and how it was okay with him. Jamie isn't down with this, Shelli seemed fine with it and lots of people shared stories. Some kind of rough, some entertaining... made for very good radio.

I actually wanted to call in and have some fun with Shelli (ask Chuck voice included), but had a front row seat to the whole range of my love life while we worked together, including announcing the bridal party at my wedding... so just listening was probably the better idea.

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