Saturday, February 18, 2006

Not Duck Or Rabbit Season - Basketball Season

This is the start of it for me. I'll watch some early season college and the occasional NBA game before this, but All Star Weekend is like opening day.

My school, Marquette is looking for its second straight win over a ranked team. Right now they have a 63-55 lead over Pitt after a tough win over Georgetown on Thursday. Unfortunately, unlike the Thursday game, this one isn't on... so I've got the score up on the computer as I watch...

NBA All Star Saturday.

I had the pleasure of being able to see Andre Igoudala in high school... but if you get a chance, check out ESPN or your local sportscast for his second dunk of the night. Whatever wins, I can't imagine it'll top this.

He had Allen Iverson standing behind the backboard... Iverson tosses it lightly against the back... I repeat, the back of the backboard. Iggy catches it, flies underneath for a reverse dunk.

Amazing. I was rooting for Nate Robinson (5'9", gotta pull for the shorty) coming into the night, but the Igoudala dunk has me converted.

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