Sunday, February 19, 2006

Knight School

I'm watching something new. ESPN is running a six part realty series called "Knight School." Basically it started with 33 guys trying out to be a walk on for Bobby Knight's Texas Tech team. They cut down to 16, then to 12 this week. As a huge college hoops fan, I got sucked in by the commercials.

The concept is close to my heart as well. I took part in walk on tryouts my junior year at Marquette. Not that I harbored any crazy dreams of actually making the team... D1 quickness, but freshman high school ball handling and a penchant to launch 23 footers at 5'5" probably wasn't what the coaches were looking for. But I loved to play and thought it can't hurt to give it a shot.

My team lost the ball and the other team has a three-on-one break. The guy who had already been a walk on has the ball, looking to push. Of course I'm the one back on defense. My guess is seeing me just past mid court didn't send chills down his spine, so he tried to throw the pass cross court high over my head. I leaped as high as I could and reached back, timing it just right to snatch it out of the air like a free safety... bringing it down with one hand and starting the break back the other way.

This was my "one shining moment" but I did enjoy he experience. I would have been one of the guys cut in the first group tonight.


Chase Ingersoll said...

Got any more personal "Rudy" stories. I liked this one.

Edgar said...

Sorry Chase... I don't think throwing up at halftime, then scoring the only goal in an intramural soccer title game in college qualifies. Especially when the throwing up wasn't flu induced.