Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Day 10 - Relaxing On The Beach And On A Boat

My dad and uncle set up a boat trip for anyone who was interested. The boats took us to different areas around the island.

Started off snorkeling. Didn't see a lot, but it was just so nice to be out in the ocean.

As we traveled to the next spot, I had one of those moments... you know the kind when you're looking at your family and the greenish blue water and just feeling like you didn't want the moment to end... felt very at peace.

Next stop was an area of the beach where the sand was especially fine...

Then it was on to a Filipino lunch at the other end of the island. This restaurant was home to a giant turtle which my dad "bravely" was able to pick up... but I swear he was lucky he didn't get his hand chomped.

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