Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day 9 - Traveling To Boracay

We left at about 9 the next morning for the roughest part of our trip. The roads to Kalibo were sometimes paved and often times not paved. Add paved roads to one of the things we'll never take for granted. You think roads in Illinois are bad. Hah.

Anyway, the one upside to such a long car ride was that I had time to talk to my dad. He was a captive interview so to speak.

My dad always had a love for public service. He wanted to run for mayor of his town, but his brother (now a judge) ran first and lost. This was in the 60's. My dad has always been good at math and he went to school for engineering and his abilities got the attention of Boeing. He took a job with them and moved from the Philippines to Seattle.

When Boeing had their big layoffs, my dad was one of thousands. But he couldn't go home as he originally wanted to... civil unrest under Ferdinand Marcos was growing. So he took his severance and drove. He saw every state except Hawaii and Alaska... until he ran out of money and gas and landed in Milwaukee... where he eventually met my mom.

When his career as an engineer came to an end, he started another one... one that saw him at 51 become the oldest rookie cop in the City of Milwaukee.

Stories of his youth and the good olds days and the future... made the rough ride a special one for me.

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